We’ve all had the privilege to watch the Democrats running for President rip into each other. It was a typical political game. You bad mouth your opponents by pointing out their flaws as you tell the voters that YOU are the one they need to elect.

One by one they dropped out of the race. Even the women running for the Democrat nomination couldn’t manage to capture the hearts of the primary voters. Sorry, feminists, there won’t be a woman sitting in the Oval Office this time.

For a party that claims diversity, the candidates of color and the women running were tossed aside, leaving the two old white guys left standing: Senator Bernie Sanders and former VP Joe Biden.

For a political party that claims it’s the party of new ideas and a huge tent, it appears they have settled back into the comfortable, worn-out platform they’ve pushed on the American people for decades.

We’ve all wondered WHY the Democrats would circle their wagons around Joe Biden. He wasn’t much of a leader while in the Senate, and as VP, well… I’ll just leave it there.

Biden is a gaffe machine. He can’t seem to remember important facts, and he plays loose with the accomplishments of his past years in the Senate and as VP.

However, it appears Joe Biden is the chosen one of the elites in the Democrat Party to face President Trump on the campaign trail.

We’ve all wondered what Bernie Sanders and his supporters would do after his horrible showing in the Super Tuesday primaries. President Trump was correct. Elizabeth Warren sealed Sanders’ defeat.

So much for being a team player.

When Sanders suspended his campaign, we all wondered how long it would take until he endorsed Biden. After all, he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016, much to the horror of his supporters. Who would have thought dropping out of a campaign would be so profitable?

However, as if on cue, Sanders fell into line like a good little far-left Socialist foot soldier.

So, that leaves just one more endorsement: former President Obama.

So, there you have it, my fellow Patriots. The Democrats have chosen their champion to face President Donald J. Trump in the November Presidential election. This is going to be interesting.

Are you properly registered to vote? If not, do it NOW. We have a battle ahead of us. We know the Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal to win the White House. We MUST get out in MASSIVE numbers in November to counter their plan to force their agenda on us.

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