It looks like the people at YouTube have decided to ban the latest Trump 2020 Campaign Ad. We knew they would tighten down on conservative speech as November gets closer, but this is over-the-top.

We, here at the Trump Dispatch, decided to do our part and put the video on our platform for all to see. Enjoy, Patriots!

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Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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  1. As long as Christian’s and conservatives pray for Donald Trump, democrats can “hang it up”…He is unstoppable because of the ONE who will be empowering him to lead this great nation back to the founding fathers’ principles of “We the people”.
    Thank God for Donald Trump’s leadership during this horrific time.

  2. Have you seen the face of evil?
    • With Evil Intent: The Chinese Communist Party manufactured a biological virus that could only have been intended to cause harm, destruction and death to its own people and to spread throughout the world. This for the goal of advancing the CCP, and gain power across the world, without concern of the lives and liberties the would be forever effected by their actions.
    • Evil in our house: The corrupt clowns that think they are in charge of the world and our country is currently manipulating people’s fears and misunderstanding of this evil virus in order to gain more power and restrict our freedoms and liberty’s. These power hungry corrupt leftist government employees are using this panic and fear to alter our current way of life and turn us all into subjects not citizens of a free republic.
    • The Evil Communicator: Main stream media, Social Media outlets and the leftist media ownerships are moving in lock step with the corrupt government employees to maintain the high level of fear and panic in our society. The worst of the worst is continually splashed across the screens of our TV’s the public radio broadcasts have become the mouth piece of the left, and we are being censored more each day as to what WE THE PEOPLE are permitted to see, share and vocalize in our push back on the evil unleashed by the Wuhan Virus infection and the aftermath of its effects on our society. The media is complicit in this evil and the reason there is so much panic and fear among us.
    There is no escaping what the EVIL players have unleashed on the world and our country. I will not cower to the evil that has been put upon us. I am not forbidden anything, my rights are not given to me by some corrupt government employee who believes they have the right to determine what is essential or who is essential to me or anyone else. My rights are my birth rights, my constitutional rights of the republic, the bill of rights, and the rights of the followers; these rights are inalienable rights and are not handed out as some reward from a power hungry queen or king currently in a government post. I will confront this evil; I will take its power by not giving into its demands or restrictions.
    I am not afraid of these evils that are in front of us. I will stand against it, and fight it to my core. You have planted the seed of evil and so you shall face the evil crop you have sown.
    The righteousness that is mine is to fight this evil that you have thrust upon us all.
    Do you hear that? It is the howl of the wolf, not the Baw of the sheep.

    • This is the most accurate thing I have seen anyone post about this whole mess that is going on right now! Thank you for putting this out there! Do you mind if I copy and paste this on my social media for others to see?

      • Please feel free to share anything on this site, and thank you for your support. Together, we can get President Trump re-elected for 4 more years.

  3. If Biden gets elected, we will get two activist judges added to the supreme court. We will also once again bend the knee to China.

    Trump 2020!

  4. Trump is the greatest president since Coolidge. I firmly believe he was sent by GOD to bring our country back to Christ and to help Isrial. DW

  5. I pray president Trump gets voted in again, he has done so good for the WORLD not just America, god bless you in these difficult/difficult times

  6. Trump is the man for the job….But Pence? He’s a politician, and you see what that has gotten us since Regan? I would like to see Pompeo in 2024.

  7. The first order of business for conservatives is to re-elect president Trump. Then they have to make sure Republicans retain control of the U.S. Senate. Any conservative who lives in a state where a Republican senator is running for re-election, they must vote to re-elect that Senator. If democrats retain control of the House and manage to get control of the Senate, you know what will happen, and there will be no way to stop it. Conservative voters need to make sure more conservatives get elected to congress. This is part of ‘draining the swamp’.


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