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While the people of the world are struggling to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind them and return to a sense of normalcy, the topic of vaccines seems to be at the forefront. While we’ve been programmed to believe that vaccines are the ONLY way to prevent many illnesses, we are being surprised there are alternatives.

Of course, Big Pharma doesn’t want anything to come to the public as a cure to many of the horrible diseases we face today. Why, do you ask? The answer is simple. There is MORE money in treating the illness than there is in curing it.

Just look at the battle against cancer. How many times have we heard whispers of a potential cure for different forms of cancer, only to have it suddenly disappear? Why do you think that happens? We know why, don’t we? The treatments for cancer are a multi-billion dollar per year industry. What’s worse, is only a person is ‘cured’ they are often only given a 5-year survival rate. How is that a cure?

Each year, between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses. How is this possible if the world has the vaccines that are supposed to protect us?

How is this not a pandemic? The flu is contagious and it kills those who have compromised immune systems, right? Yet, for some reason, COVID-19 has basically shut down the entire world until there’s a vaccine we’re told by the so-called specialists.

While Dr. Fauci continues to say we MUST stay home and businesses need to stay closed, there are other doctors who don’t believe why this outbreak is being handled the way it is.

This doctor made some excellent points. The one that jumped out is why would those in the medical field be pressured to put COVID-19 as the cause of death if it wasn’t related? Is there an agenda in play?

However, over the past few days, we’ve heard there are potential alternative cures for this and other viruses and bacteria that attack the human body.

Yesterday, we did an article on the groundbreaking technology developed by AYTU Bioscience and Cedars-Sinai that DESTROYS this and other deadly viruses. The procedure seems to offer the promise of killing deadly viruses, so why would there be such pushback, you ask?

The only conclusion that makes sense is it might just work TOO WELL. If it was to completely eradicate a deadly strain, there would be NO need for a vaccine to be taken each year like the flu shots given at the beginning of each flu season. That’s something Big Pharma doesn’t want. They want us to get their flu shots so they can make BILLIONS of dollars each year.

Just what is in the vaccines we are told we MUST get?

Why would they put such poisons in a vaccine? What’s worse is they also inject that into our babies.

That brings us to what President Trump mentioned in the press conference the other day – using light to kill the virus. It’s not a new idea. In fact, it has been around for a LONG time.

Ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) was extensively used in the 1940s and 1950s to treat many diseases. These included septicemia, pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis, asthma, and even poliomyelitis or better know as polio. The early studies were carried out by several physicians in the USA and published in the American Journal of Surgery. However, with the development of antibiotics, UBI use declined and it has now been called “the cure that time forgot.”

We’ve come a long way in medical science. We can repair or replace a heart, we can save people from traumatic injuries who once would have died, so why do we rely solely on a vaccine to protect us from a deadly virus? A vaccine that’s loaded with poisons to boot?

This video was put out in 2018. In it, they are discussing the use of ultraviolet light to kill the flu virus.

If this technology has been around, why hasn’t this been used more and in more places? If it was offered as a lighting source for hospitals, schools, businesses, and even our homes, would it not stop the flu virus dead in its tracks? How many of us would gladly pay for that to be in our homes if it was mass-produced at a reasonable price?

When President Trump made that statement the other day, this writer firmly believes he has opened the door for this technology to make its way into the forefront of our battle against COVID-19 and other deadly viral diseases. President Trump never says anything without a purpose. It’s just that far too many people today, don’t listen.

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  1. Dear Mr trump, I’m glad people are starting to see the light! Ya seen ur address to the nation,uv light and I watch alot of news bbc,pbs,cspan,sky,fox,msnbc,cnn i watch them all to get a better understanding of events. Yes some of the news flipped and twisted the whole uv concept,sad. And managed to bash science and technology to. I wanted to tell you that day uv light was a good idea even the body flushing,(no idea is a bad idea when it’s saving lives.) Period. I know people can be so mean and unfair and I’m sorry for that. And yes I have followed covid-19 from just around 50 people on the planet , even tried to warn people in February I was laugh at and ridiculed was tould I was crazy. I allso emailed the white house covid team to starr you all to companies that are suited to build respirators like group technologies in Tampa Florida which may of lead to GE. I allso emailed governor cuomo with the idea of the covid bracelet,yes thought of tracing and thermal cameras and how many of them we would need and boots on the ground to check/quarantine. And costs,and placement,people continue labor watching monitors and so on. Played all that in my mind, and simplify it to 1 device. Covid bracelet ,and as a life alert on steroids… after time the computer would know signs from the body before the host 2 to 3 days then weaks and months. I allso emailed governor DeWine like February 28th to say hay there’s this thing covid gonna hit and hope he would looked at it,I think he did. gave us all alitle jump. To fight thes evil. On April 24th i emailed the Ohio department of health . You said you were looking for talent the uv light day. And I’ve been going over and over in my mind uv light. Which lead me to email Ohio department of health ultraviolet irradiation of blood the cure that time forgot,I allso sayed we can make b-cell’s like growing human ears on mice and helps people s immune system with transplant s . B cells there are alot of different types how ever we only need 1. (Regulatory b cells.) You can read thes at Washington post by Sarah kaplan Nov 29 2017. And also wiki b-cell’s. (Regulatory b-cell’s)I believe ubi and lab maid regulatory b-cell’s is the way to go. We have dialysis machine’s every country does . Could be as simple as a shoe box size fix. Like a tankless water heater but uv lights within which could be fitted in dialysis machine’s. Alberta Einstein ddnt have a PhD and yet he was different.Wasn’t he! We are built on ideas are we not? I try to reason why this stigmatizem is with PhD vs my life long fascination with history/wars/weapons/religion/space/technology and science compared to a couple years of collage. I gess i know alitle and I know alot. Well other kids where growing up thay where reading comic books , I was reading popular science and mechanic magazines , space books. I have some good idea’s with the right team and information I believe we can take America over the top . Healing, strengthening, fortifying, building upon with love. We are not crawling any more… We are running in every expect both/good and bad and it’s time we look at both. We save our country we save our planet. Sounds crazy? I’ve been called that my whole life , why I can’t stand unfairness. I am sure there are other people like me , and maybe not. But every one is special. I am a Democrat only by some of the views thay express how ever I do vote either way republicans and democrats at times. All that can change! More importantly i wunt to take this time to come to you as a American to another American, to say I love you. P.S. I have alot of idea’s ………..i am just a spark/seed, as was ur uv light idea. (Bette Miller the rose hd music video 1979 YouTube ). Everyone that reads this i love you i am fighting for you , we will win. What ever it takes.

  2. Careful signing fisa bs. Thay have weaponized range-r devices thay are hurting Americans making them sick and given Americans cancers. You can read about the device’s and Electrowe Magnetic radio frequency radiation and harmful effects on humans. Get Em trump . You are 100% right to do so. Stay safe .


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