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We’ve all waited for the day to come when Gen. Flynn would finally be exonerated for perjury. We all knew his charges were fake. We all knew it was part of the coup d’etat done by the Democrats and their corrupt accomplices in the FBI and CIA.

In their quest to destroy the Trump Presidency, the FBI leadership set up Gen. Flynn and forced him to plead guilty to lying to protect his son from prosecution. That, my fellow Patriots, is a crime.

The Persecution of Gen. Mike Flynn

However, those guilty of this treasonous act NEVER counted on the General hiring his pitbull attorney, Sidney Powell.

No Pardon: Sidney Powell Seeks Total Exoneration for Flynn

While there are those in the media that chanted President Trump should pardon the General, his attorney would never settle for less than a complete exoneration of the charges. A pardon would allow a cloud of guilt to hang over his head. We all know the Democrats would use it to push for another impeachment trial against our President.

However, a complete exoneration would open the door to point a finger of guilt at those who had set out to destroy Gen. Flynn through ILLEGAL and TREASONOUS means.

The next exciting development is it appears there’s a good chance several indictments are coming out this week.

Here is the list of indictments being reported on several media outlets.

Loretta Lynch: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 2 counts of obstruction of justice, 3 counts of lying to Congress.

Sally Yates: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 3 counts of obstruction of justice

John Brennan: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 3 counts of obstruction of justice, 2 counts of lying to investigators, 1 count of conspiracy to commit TREASON, 3 counts of lying to Congress.

James Clapper: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 2 counts of lying to Congress.

(4) CIA operatives indicted: no charges listed

James Comey: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 4 counts of obstruction of justice, 6 counts of perjury,4 counts of falsifying government documents.

Andrew McCabe: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 2 counts of perjury, 3 counts of lying to Congress, 1 count of falsifying government documents.

Bruce Ohr:3 counts conspiracy (unknown), 1 count falsifying government documents.

James Baker: charges n/a

Peter Strzok: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government, 4 counts of perjury, 3 counts falsifying government documents.

Lisa Page: 3 counts of conspiracy to overthrow the government,1 count of obstruction of justice, 3 counts of perjury.

Rod Rosenstein: 5 various charges (unknown at this time)

Susan Rice: illegal use of government systems, 3 counts of perjury, 1 count of obstruction of justice.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots. If this is true, that’s a GREAT start at Draining that corrupt DC Swamp!

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  1. I pray this is happening now! It’s time to take out the garbage, long overdue. God Bless our President and the USA ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸

  2. I was just introduced to this page and would be really happy to see all the indictments listed come to pass. The article states “reported on several media outlets” but I can’t find any other reports. I am sure you properly vet all your information but before I start doing cartwheels I want to be sure the info is correct. Will you cite some other media sources? Thank you

    • Ti, I first read about this on a video from Robert David Steele which is posted on ‘Before its News. You might be interested in watching his video. However, until the MSM is FORCED to report it then I will take all of this with a grain of salt, although there does appear to be some validity behind it.

  3. Good job, finally some news with actual substance, instead of mass media “human interest drivel” and one sided “fear and conditioning” terroristic propaganda. They need their FCC license revoked for attempting to overthrow the White should be a crime to knowingly broadcast lies to mislead the public that trusted them to give them news and truth. This flu farce is an act of war on the citizens that are helpless to fight back. Democrats dragging this lockdown out for no viable reason other than political control by collapsing the economy of the people who are paying them as they do so. Anyone who knows about this or is promoting this should be tried for treason. Any Governor extending lockdown violating our civil and constitutional rights should immediately be removed and tried for tyranny and treason.

  4. “One Nation under God with Liberty & Justice for All!”
    Now that the Truth has been revealed, it’s time for Justice to be Served! Those that broke the law, Conspired to Commit Treason & Tampered with Government Documents need to be held accountable for their actions! I pray this is the first of many indictments!


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