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We’ve all watched the Coronavirus press conferences where we’ve been told what must be done to conquer this deadly virus attacking the entire world. We’ve all been told to stay at home, businesses have been forced to close down, schools have remained closed, and our lives, as we’ve known it, has come to a screeching halt. We’ve been told this was all done with the goal of saving lives.

However, as the weeks have gone by and the death count is nowhere near what was first projected, many of us have begun to wonder how long we will be forced to live under the current quarantine before we are finally bankrupt as a country.

One of those pushing the hardest for the extended shutdown is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

President Trump listens as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing April 10, 2020.

As a proud Patriot, I have questioned his motives for quite some time. He seems to enjoy the spotlight a little too much, and some of his comments have triggered alarms to sound in my mind.

However, to hear those in the media, you would think Dr. Fauci is the only one who can save us… but is he? Are his intentions pure?

In this interview with Dr. Judy Mikovitz, you will learn the true agenda of Dr. Fauci and the heinous crimes against humanity of which he’s apparently guilty.

Get comfortable and prepare to learn the dark past of Dr. Fauci.

Are you as angry as I am? To learn this man is guilty of allowing millions of deaths from HIV when it could have been stopped dead in its tracks is simply unforgivable. This man should be indicted for Crimes Against Humanity, for starters.

I know many will wonder WHY President Trump has allowed Dr. Fauci to be on the Coronavirus Task Force. To most, it seems like a failure on the President’s part. However, we must understand that President Trump is always several steps ahead of those he has targeted. The Art of War by Sun Tzu offers many ways to win against your enemy, and President Trump has studied well.

In my opinion, I believe that President Trump knew many in the Deep State would want Dr. Fauci on the Coronavirus Task Force. I also believe that President Trump knows full well of Dr. Fauci’s rather checkered past. So, in pure Trump fashion, our President is allowing the doctor to expose his corrupt agenda for all to see.

We’ve all witnessed the expression on the doctor’s face when President Trump first mentioned hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Fauci even tried to downplay its effectiveness when used on patients suffering from COVID-19. Why would he do that? Why wouldn’t he want people to recover from near-death? Does he have a different agenda?

We’ve all been learning about Bill Gates and his ties to the vaccine industry and WHO. We’ve learned how many top-level Democrats have ties to China and the lab in Wuhan, the very origin of this deadly virus.

In this writer’s opinion, the Wuhan virus was developed in that lab and then spread across the world ON PURPOSE. It’s strange that China would halt flights out of Wuhan to other parts of China while allowing THOUSANDS of its citizens to fly around the world. It was as though, they were sent out to seed the world with the deadly virus.

My fellow Patriots, no matter how much the Democrats try to use this event to destroy the good work President Trump has done the last for this nation the three and a half years, they will fail. The American people are awake and angry. We refuse to surrender to the One World Order agenda trying to be forced on us through fear.

The American people are tough and resilient. We do not cower in the corner. No, when kicked in the gut, we stand up and fight back.

Now is not the time to turn our back on President Trump. He has been fighting a well dug-in force, who do not want to relinquish power at all cost. This is their last stand and they know it.

They never thought Hillary would lose. She was to be the final nail in the coffin of this great REPUBLIC we all love. In spite of all their lies and plotting, THEY WILL FAIL.

Stand proud, my fellow Patriots. Arm yourselves with truth, and let’s give President Trump FOUR MORE YEARS to complete his America First agenda.

Are you ready to fight to save the USA?

Don't be censored

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  1. Yes. I’m ready to fight for our constitution and draining the deep deep swamp. Thank you President Trump. Please get a message to him to have the two Bakersfield doctors speak the data facts at a press conference. You tube is trying to censor their video. They should speak live. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump! 🙌🏻🇺🇸❤️

  2. Keep the plan. We are with you President Trump all the way. You are on the inside and know much more than we do. Drain the swamp!!!

  3. Excellent op-ed! I believe it, and I too love the strategies of Sun Tzu and your references to them. My favorite book is, “Sun Tzu The Technology of War” by Colin Thorne. It goes into everything you’re pointed out.

  4. As a Canadian I have no standing with respect to President Trump, except to say that I support him 100 per cent! and hope that he gets in for another term. For all his perceived “faults” (which are actually appealing to me as they say he is like the rest of us mortals) he is the right person to occupy the most powerful office on earth! He’s a man of conviction and achievement, with an admirable outlook on life. Here’s hoping for another term of Donald Trump.


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