The media has been controlling the masses since the invention of television. Some of us, however, have managed to escape the brainwashing that has controlled so many others. It’s as though their ability to reason, about ANY subject rationally, was taken over by whatever idiotic scenario they’re trying to cram down the throats of the American people, or the world, at the time.

I’m amazed at how this happened to so many people I know. People who appeared to be intelligent and had a reasonable amount of common sense throughout their lives. The COVID-19 fiasco has exposed a lot about every person I have known most of my life.

When those in the media first reported this horror to the American people, most appeared to have lost their minds. Everyone willingly and without question did as told. They stayed in their homes for months, didn’t go to work, and wore a mask and gloves 24/7.

In spite of all the Fake News, we all learned this virus had a .002% chance of making someone sick and a 98.9% cure rate. However, that didn’t matter to those behind the lie. Billions of dollars were lost. Millions of the American people found themselves without a job and a way to feed their families. This was all due to the governors shutting down the entire country.

After three months of this unbelievable and insane activity, the Deep State operatives must have realized they needed to elevate the game plan to destroy President Trump’s re-election chances.

In my opinion, I believe they were planning to keep the horrible ‘killer virus’ scenario playing out until after the election in November. This was necessary to convince the public that we must all vote by mail. After all, its way too dangerous to go to the polls in person. What a joke!

The deep state finally realized their master plan of using the pandemic was failing. People were fighting back, and no longer following those ridiculous unconstitutional orders. The American people went back to work to survive. Many, for some unknown reason, are still brainwashed, when it comes to this mysterious illness. You’ll still see them wearing their masks and obeying the ‘social distancing’ rule.

However, all of a sudden, without warning, everything has changed.

Now, as the world watches their trusted TV News sources, the virus is rarely mentioned. The game plan has changed. We are now witnessing ridiculous acts of violence and stupidity. Each night we are watching large cities destroyed by roving bands of thugs, as police officers find themselves forced to stand by and allow this destruction to continue.


I’ll tell you what’s going on. The Satanic, Nazi-sympathizer creature, known as George Soros, is at it again, just as he did so many times during the Obama administration.

His organization has put ads in every major US city, hiring protestors for $1,500 a week. The goal is to raise hell, chaos, and cause significant destruction across our great nation. These are not people protesting the death of a black man killed by a white police officer. That is just the excuse they are using to pull this off.

As Rahm Emanuel, the former White House Chief of Staff for the Obama Administration, and mayor of Chicago so famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

This is another attempt to incite hatred between black and white Americans, to decrease the black ex-democrat voters who are now supporting President Trump and plan to vote for him in November.

Our economy and employment numbers were the greatest ever before the virus and now these horrendous riots ensued. What I would like to know when will the police or our fine Military be allowed to stop this horror show? WHEN? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

These hired terrorists should face arrest, and charges of treason, as an example to anyone else thinking they might answer one of those ads.

The demonic planners of these events should be easy to track, I would think, with all the technology available to law enforcement.

  • Who rented all those buses?
  • Who put the ads in the newspapers?
  • Who is paying these people?
  • Who is feeding them?
  • Who is leaving bricks and other projectiles, stolen cars, and weapons in the area’s attacked?

Find those organizing all of this, and it will end.

It takes a lot of planning to arrange attacks on 20 to 30 cities by a bunch of idiots and do it simultaneously. Do not doubt it.

The Russia Hoax, Impeachment, COVID-19, and now THIS?

You can be sure this is not the last of their predictable actions. They will not stop until they have prevented President Trump from winning re-election.

However, these evil creatures are dwindling, one by one, thanks to our President. Nevertheless, there are still several left out there. They will continue to create False Flag events to save their plan for a New World Order. It has been their dream for 110 years. The socialist lifestyle forced on us over the last three months was just a trial run to the horrors ahead of us if we surrender.

I know President Trump is a genius and is miles ahead of them daily in their evil planning. I also trust The Plan, according to Q. I just think it’s time to get over the fear of dying from an invisible illness, stop this local terrorism by any means necessary even if the Military must step in and stop it.

We need a plan in place that will guarantee illegal and fraudulent voting tactics won’t work in ALL of our future elections. More importantly, the one this November. I also pray the 140,000+ sealed indictments will lead to arrests soon.

We need a vision of HOPE in our lives, especially after everything we have been through this year. I feel as though I have been a hesitant visitor to the Twilight Zone. I long for the day I return to MY reality. I want to enjoy life in the country I’ve loved my entire life once again.

Please pray for the USA, President Trump, and the destruction of the evildoers.

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  1. I just read your inspiring article and agree with everything you wrote.By the way,my late husband ,a Holocaust survivor,knew all about Soros.Soros helped the Nazis send millions of Jews to their death,it`s a well known fact.
    One thing I would like to add:I believe in Divine intervention,I believe God is on our side because God loves this country.If it wasn`t for the USA ,the world would be back in the Dark Ages.That`s what the left wants,absolute power for themselves and the rest of the world without freedom.Then we`ll be back in the Dark Ages.


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