Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize you haven’t. I’ve had some strange thoughts rushing through my brain recently, and now, it all makes perfect sense to me. After the many attempts by the Deep State Globalists to rid us of the greatest and smartest President we have ever had, the 2020 scenario is beginning to clear for anyone wanting to see the truth.

First, scare everyone about a disease that’s headed our way that will surely kill everyone over the age of 60.

Next, order them to stay home and not go to work or school under threat of social banishment, or in extreme cases, even arrest. Of course, this is until further notice.

Repeat these RULES 24-hours a day, on every channel until we are beaten into submission. Of course, those reporting the fake news are leading by example by staying safely in their own homes, as it’s much too dangerous for them to be in a huge studio together. We are then told, “We are all in this together,” while they receive THEIR paychecks for reporting their lies.

Then keep up this nonsense for months, until the brainwashing of the viewers is complete.

We’ve had their draconian rules, crammed down our throats.

  • Stay Home-Stay Safe
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Stay 6 feet apart
  • You must NOT go to work or school

Of course, we must not forget to WEAR A MASK. We’ve told you in order to prevent the spread of COVID you must COVER YOUR FACE!

However, there’s a considerable price paid for this New Normal as they call it. When the American people no longer went to work after the businesses were all shut down, the House of Representatives under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered up a bill to save the American worker regardless of the consequences. You see, on top of the regular $500+ unemployment received every week, (because of COVID), this bill added a hefty $600 per week more. That adds up to $1100-1200 per week.

Think about it; companies are beginning to call their employees back to work. However, some would rather stay home and sit on their butts. Why give up a government paycheck of up to $62,499 a year by returning to a job when that’s more than they’d make working?

How is this even legal? Heck, the Social Security checks paid to our senior citizens who earned it from years of work get nowhere near that amount. The average Social Security check paid is only $1,200 monthly.

Stay with me here. With jobs opening up, and some workers unwilling to go back into the workforce, that plays right into the hands of the Democrats. They know if people return to work and unemployment drops back to record low-figures that will make the economy robust again and hurt their chances in the upcoming November election.

Fast forward to the daily rioting we all watched. In this writer’s opinion, it all stems from a planned, false flag event. With new companies coming out with designer MASKS for the New Normal in America, is that because we must cover our faces for the rest of our lives? Are they slowly training us to comply?

If you don’t believe me, go somewhere, anywhere, and you will see it firsthand.

I have concluded the suggested use of masks achieves two roles.

One is a form of control during the orchestrated pandemic. The other is a way for the evil looters and rioters to conceal their identities while infiltrating the protesters. How is one supposed to know the difference between a peace protester and a potentially violent criminal?

In 2020, we have had our entire lives disrupted in so many unbelievable ways. By forgetting our Constitutional rights, we blindly went along with this insanity. Make no mistake, we will continue to see rampant evil plots against President Trump, and they will only increase in intensity as Election Day grows near. Of this, you can be sure.

We must remove the Globalist New World Order criminals from the face of the earth. They have worked 110 years to destroy our great Republic. They know the ONLY way for them to gain complete world control is to destroy the USA. We are the WALL protecting the entire world from their evil plan. Their worst nightmare is for President Trump to win a second term.

I have no clue as to what lies ahead for our country and the world. Only God has control over all things.

In my opinion, it’s sad and disgusting how we have witnessed the never-ending protests and memorial services for a man who had been in prison five times, and once was for holding a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman, during a robbery.

Don’t misunderstand me, it was wrong for that corrupt police officer to kill him, but why is his life any more valuable than other black lives taken by violence? They tossed the COVID rules out of the window for this man. Then they turned a blind eye to any illegal actions done by the looters, protesters, or rioters. Why is his life celebrated as if he was a critical world figure? I believe it’s because it fits their agenda to make President Trump look bad.

However, if you have lost a beloved family member or friend, you have been forbidden to hold a funeral service at all. GOOD GRIEF, WHY DID WE ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN?

One more thought, if ALL black lives matter, how about reporting those killed or had their businesses burned to the ground by the rioters? It seems since they don’t fit the narrative, no one speaks of their suffering.

After everything we’ve seen during this entire fiasco, the average non-political American is beginning to realize those areas governed by the Democrats have suffered the worst. They are learning that it’s not just lately because of the riots but has been for decades because of Democrat control.

This is why we must talk to our friends and family who don’t vote. If we haven’t learned anything else this year, it’s that we can no longer allow the Democrat Party to control the American people. I’m not saying that all Republicans are perfect. In fact, there are those we must purge from our party—those who do not hold our conservative values to heart. However, voting straight Republican, in Local, State, and National elections is the only way we will save America.

My husband and I recently went to our local mall, and what I saw there pushed me over the edge, causing me to write down my thoughts to share with you.

An unbelievable 99% of the people walking around the mall were wearing masks. Even Dillards has joined in on the brainwashing, by decorating their mannequins with MASKS!

I nearly fainted. Once I regained my composure, I took these photos. These aren’t masks; they are full-length scarves to wear around one’s neck. This is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!

I will NEVER comply. It’s wrong and is just a tool for the Democrats to control us. Besides, I cannot breathe with my nose and mouth covered.

On a lighter side, think about this. If everyone must cover their face as part of our New Normal, what would be the motivation or incentive, especially for women, to worry about their appearance? Why worry about wearing makeup, getting their hair done, or just trying to look their best?  Think about it, if nobody knows who you are, and doesn’t see you, what’s the point? As a Hair Stylist, I probably look at this much differently than other people, because beauty is my business.

Please, President Trump, let’s get this massive swamp-draining done and punish those guilty of the crimes against the American people before I lose my mind. Let us all brace ourselves for whatever comes next and PRAY.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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  1. Gerri,I wish every American would read your article.This is the worst time in American history,worse than the civil war and the depression .Now the left wants to completely destroy this country and bring communism ,that`s how they can get absolute power while the rest of us lose all our freedoms.The left has gone INSANE!Americans have been hypnotized by the forces of evil.But,I still believe that most Americans can see through all this and will vote for our President Trump.He is the one who will save our country.
    God Bless the USA and our President.


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