As a resident in Mississippi, I am saddened and angry that our leaders stole our Mississippi state flag from us. It is devious, and an outright slap in the face to us for them to take the vote on the state flag out of the voter’s hands. It will cost you in November when we vote you traitors out.

The flag change argument came up a few years ago, and we the people voted to keep our state flag as it was, but you could not leave it alone, could you?

So, here we are again, but this time, you gave us no choice. You chose to violate our rights and vote on changing the flag without our consent. Oh, you will provide us with a few options in November as far as what type of flag we choose to replace the previous one, but then again, you are the ones who will decide which flags we are allowed to vote on. How kind of you.

 Mississippi voted to change its flag after decades of debate.

In November, when we vote, we will not only vote on a flag, we will vote on you, and I have a feeling you’re not going to like what we say in that voting booth. You see, we still live in a free country, and our voices will be heard loud and robust come November.

I am but one Mississippi voter, but I am not alone in voicing my anger toward you for violating our right to vote. You see, for me, it isn’t really about whether I care you change our state flag, but about the fact that you stole the right for us to vote on it once again. You knew we voted to keep the flag as it was in a previous election. You also knew if we got the chance, the vote most likely would have the same outcome. However, you could not take that chance, could you?

You, who believe you are above us, took OUR right to voice our opinion away. That is why you will have your constituents vote you OUT this November.

To my fellow Mississippians, take a look at the charts below to see how your representative voted in the state flag debate. Let your voices ring in November. Remember, this crisis is not about the flag. It is about the powers in Jackson taking our rights away to vote our view.

Thank you to Senator Chris McDaniel and others who voted for us.

FLOWOOD, MS – JUNE 23: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel looks on during a campaign rally on June 23, 2014, in Flowood, Mississippi. With one day to go before the Mississippi Senate runoff election, Tea Party-backed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Mississippi State Sen Chris McDaniel is campaigning throughout the state as he battles against incumbent U.S. Sen Thad Cochran (R-MS) in a tight race. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Thank you, Senator McDaniel, for keeping us informed and for making available to us the document that shows us who is fighting for and against us.

“Many have asked that I post today’s vote. If a line is marked to the left, that’s a vote to change the flag. A line marked to the right is a vote for the people to decide the issue.” Senator McDaniel.

Be forewarned, my fellow Americans, the Mississippi state flag is just the beginning. We have already witnessed what BLM, ANTIFA, and the traitors in Washington are doing to our country. Tearing down national monuments, changing state flags, and the looting will not stop. These will not be the only things they will do. They are attempting to destroy the very fabric of our nation as it was created. Freedom for all, not just a few.

If we do not stand up for our rights, they will be lost. Many rights are already lost. After all, look at what has occurred in a few short months. The enemy within has forced us to remain in our homes, wear masks, and caused the division to destroy our FREE and GOOD nation.

God bless Mississippi, God bless America, and God bless President Trump! I pray President Trump wins in November because if he doesn’t, then Mississippi will not be the only state lost. All of America will be lost! And, we may not ever get her back. It will undoubtedly be the DEATH OF AMERICA.

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  1. So the liberal plpsqueaks decided to change the beautiful Mississippi flag without the consent of the state`s citizens,shame on them!The left,BLM ,ANTIFA,the Democratic socialist party,the ‘fake news’,and,of course,George Soros,Obama, and Hollywood,are only the front for the communist party trying to take over our country,erase our great history and take away all our freedoms.China and Russia are also behind it.(consider COVID 19)This is the greatest country in the world,we will not give in to the evil forces of the left.God Bless the USA and God Bless our great President Trump.

  2. Thank you for your comment. You’re right, we have enemies attacking us from abroad as well as being attacked by members of congress that are supposed to fight for us. We must vote red all the way. God bless you and God bless America.

  3. Please help me start a grass roots movement called ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to stop all these idiots from destroying our Great Nation. Only the silent majority standing up can slap these people down.

  4. Thank you for your comment. You’re right, only the silent majority can defeat these evildoers. Enough is Enough! Best of luck with your Grassroot movement. We need everyone standing up and fighting for the freedom of our nation.


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