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Yesterday, we celebrated our nation’s 244th birthday. Over the generations, we have known times of great sorrow and difficulty, but we have also known times of great joy and prosperity. As a people, we are blessed to call the United States of America our home.

On Friday, President Trump delivered an inspiring speech in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore. Not surprisingly, prior to his arrival, protesters had blocked the primary road with three vans. They had even removed the tires, so the vans could not be driven out of the way. However, their attempt to stop the waiting Patriots from attending the special event was in vain.

Luckily, any potential violence was kept at a minimum, and once the vans were cleared, those wanting to attend the event were allowed to pass. A small handful of protesters had tried to stir up trouble, but they were quickly stopped. Overall, while it was a minor distraction, after flying over the area in Air Force One, President and Mrs. Trump safely arrived in Marine One for the festivities.

This video shows Air Force One flying over Mt. Rushmore, then Marine One as it comes in the land. The remainder has the military flyovers. Absolutely, amazing!

Of course, the crazies in the Democrat Leadership and leftist media cried foul. How could he go there and give a speech with COVID-19 surging again? Doesn’t he know he’s putting those in attendance at risk? They barked and whined endlessly, which comes as NO surprise to those of us who have watched them for the past 3 1/2 years.

However, all their sniping and complaining NEVER swayed our President. He took to that stage and issued a Call to Battle for the American people to stand up and stop this destruction of our history. You see, what the crazed liberals and anarchists don’t seem to understand is while those before us weren’t perfect, they had the courage to make the difficult decisions in the formation of this country we all love.

General George Washington and the American troops suffered through the bitter cold that winter. Many of the men didn’t even have boots or warm clothing.

Our forefathers fought against the most powerful military of their day and were still victorious. They fought through impossible conditions. No one thought they could ever claim victory over the British, but you see, God had a plan for this nation.

We truly are living in the days foretold to George Washington by the heavenly messenger. We are even witnesses to the dark forces foretold who are trying to destroy our nation. However, through faith and our combined strength against the dark enemy, we will be victorious.

Yes, we have parts of our history that aren’t the best. We’ve made poor decisions at times, but we can also proudly say that we have changed the entire world for the better. No one is perfect. However, for the most part, the American people are caring, giving, and willing to sacrifice for the better good.

That’s the message President Trump gave at Mt. Rushmore. While he did point out the evil we are fighting today who wish to destroy us, he mostly reminded us of how great and precious this country is. The American people are free to live the life they choose. We are free to work hard and achieve success. We are free to make life-saving discoveries that change the world. We can hold tight to our GOD-given rights as protected in the United States Constitution. This is the message that far too many have forgotten.

President Trump’s words were also a reminder to the rest of the world of how much we have done to improve their lives. We are always the first to rush in after a natural disaster with money and helping hands. We have aided countries to defend themselves against invasion, and we have also led the charge to end human trafficking and illegal drugs around the world.

All of this makes one wonder what sort of world it would be without the United States of America.

So, my fellow Patriots, hold your heads high with pride for this great nation. God has great plans for the USA, and those focused on its destruction will soon realize their battle is lost.

It’s time to cloak yourself in the Armor of God. It’s time to follow President Trump into battle against those who would destroy the dream for freedom like those brave patriots who followed Gen. George Washington to victory all those years ago.

Don't be censored

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