I have been talking with people on the left about the upcoming elections in November. The question most asked is why I support President Trump for four more years. My answer is this, I support his policies, and I believe he is the man for the job of bringing America back from the chaotic mess we find ourselves in today.

President Trump is fighting for the things I stand for as a conservative. He wants to protect our country from the illegal aliens coming across our borders in droves. Now, I think President Trump is like me, in that he welcomes new citizens to America, but only if it is done through the legal channels and after passing our thorough vetting system. There is nothing wrong with our current vetting system, but when did we stray from that and just open our borders wide for everyone?

I stand against abortions, as does our president. We have far passed the numbers of babies killed in America by abortion than those killed in the Holocaust. That is nothing to be proud of. We have killed countless generations of children that could have had a future and made a difference in our world. I weep for those innocent lives lost, and the brutal method by which they were murdered.

President Trump fights for FREEDOM of religion. In America today, it is frowned upon to be a Christian, and that is sad as our country was founded on Judeo/Christian principals. I have no problem with others choosing to worship whatever god they wish, or not to worship at all, but I expect the same right.

America has prospered under the leadership of President Trump, and our military has become strong again. We are respected by world leaders once more, and President Trump has accomplished in creating allies with countries, where other presidents have failed. Under President Trump, America became feared and trusted again. We had lost that under other presidents, but President Trump returned the USA to its place as a world leader.

President Trump is fighting to keep our country FREE from Communism and Socialism. He has promised the USA will NEVER be a Socialist country. I appreciate him fighting those in our own government who welcome this tyranny with open arms. I, for one, do not want to live in a Socialist country, and I stand with President Trump in this fight to keep America free.

With all that is going on in our country today with the virus, BLM, ANTIFA, and other groups who are tearing down our monuments and changing state flags, and also trying to close our churches, we, the people, must stand up for our rights and fight for our country.

President Trump is fighting for our rights, but if he loses in November, we will lose our freedom. Make no mistake, my fellow patriots, we are in the fight of our lives to preserve our freedom.

Over the past few months, we have willingly surrendered our rights. in the name of health, we have been forced to wear masks, social distance from one another, and stop living a normal life. As a white American, we’ve been told we must bow down to the black man, and apologize for something that happened many years ago. I for one, will not take a knee, and apologize for something I didn’t do. I will not apologize for being white. I will not wear a mask as it is one step closer to our women having to cover their heads, and become less than human for the pleasures of degenerates in the Muslim religion. President Trump is not going to allow this to happen on his watch.

Regarding masks, let’s think about this for a moment. In the Muslim countries, they have worn masks for years, but they are swamped with this ‘virus’, but the masks haven’t helped them, so why should we wear them to appease those in government that insists the masks are helping? Wake up, America, it’s one step closer to completely controlling us.

President Trump is fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment. If our rights to bear arms is taken from us, then we lose the only means of protecting ourselves. I am astounded that people want to defund our police force. Can you imagine a world in which police officers and the rule of law no longer exist? In the light of where we are in America, with violent mobs protesting with the intent of bringing the white man to his knees, to shame us, and to destroy us, and demanding we defund the police, we had better not give the right to defend ourselves away.

There are quite a few more battles that President Trump is fighting for us and I cannot list them all, but be assured, he is fighting for us day and night. I don’t know how this man is still standing, but he is. As long as he’s standing on the front lines fighting, I will stand with him. I pray for him every day and I ask you to join me in prayer for him. Without God holding him up, he will not be able to withstand the enemies in government to keep up the good fight.

If you still trust President Trump, if you still think he is the right man to see us through this hell, then please, please, make your voice heard loud and clear in November.

GOD bless America, GOD bless President Trump, and GOD bless the Patriots who are fighting on the front lines to save our great country.

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