The First Lady of the United States is important to the office of the President. She has several responsibilities, even though they aren’t officially recognized. When traveling abroad, she should always represent the United States with grace and dignity. It is my opinion that Melania Trump has fulfilled her role as FLOTUS beautifully.

The First Lady serves as a role model for American women. She can shape social issues, fashion, and she is also responsible for organizing the social events of the White House. I believe she is nearly as influential as her husband in some respects.

When I look at Mrs. Trump, I see a confident woman similar to Jacqueline Kennedy. She has the grace, beauty, and an air about her that almost channels Mrs. Kennedy.

Melina Trump has taken on the issue of Opioids in our country. She has also initiated the Be Best program which aims to educate children about the issues they face today, as well as many other causes since coming to the White House. Melania is active in shaping our country so our children can enjoy a better tomorrow.

Mrs. Trump doesn’t get enough credit for her position as FLOTUS. In fact, she’s been attacked, degraded, and mocked more than she has been loved. I think that is a shame.

Melina Trump faithfully stands by her husband and supports him as she should. She has my respect for holding strong through the insults, the lack of respect, and the mocking she and her family receive daily.

I don’t recall any other president and family as disrespected as this First Family. The media and the left mock and create lies about them. Yet, they still hold their heads high and continue moving forward. I applaud them.

The Democrat narrative in the past was that the young children of the President are off-limits. However, it appears that rule doesn’t pertain to Barron Trump. The media talking-heads went on and on for days how Barron MUST have autism. They said such ugly and hateful things about the youngest son in their quest to hurt the President. However, no matter what the lying media has said Barron Trump is a normal, healthy teenager. He can speak several languages fluently and has a rather high IQ… just like his father.

Melania has always placed Barron’s health and education first, and in my opinion, she has done a fantastic job in raising this handsome young man.

I love the First Family. I look at the pictures of Donald, Melania, and Barron together, and I see a beautiful, loving family. You can plainly see the pride both parents have for their son. I also see how much Barron loves them, and that is just precious to me.

Do you support our First Lady?

Do you support our First Family? I would love to read your thoughts on our First Family and our First Lady in the comments below. Let’s show them some love today. They deserve it.

Don Jr, Ivanka, Barron, Eric, and Tiffany

Let’s support them in November by voting for President Donald J. Trump! God bless America and God bless our First Family!

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  1. The First Family has endured so much, & for one reason only; for the sake of America & Americans! They didn’t need this kind of abuse, but they chose this hard life, to make our lives better. I pray for them all the time.
    I know that God put Donald J. Trump into the White House for a specific reason, & he is accomplishing it.
    This family has borne this burden with such graciousness, which should be more than enough for all to see that they are there because they love America.

    • Hi, Ruby. Thank you for commenting. I agree the entire family has been through so much since Donald Trump became our great president. I don’t know how any of them can take the horrid attacks made on them daily except by God’s grace. I pray hope they endure for four more years! We should camp around them with our prayers and stand behind them as President Trump accomplishes what God has called him to accomplish.


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