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I’m not quite sure where to start with this report. It seems as though everything I’ve ever believed was right is under attack by those on the far left. I never thought of myself as a racist, but apparently I am. I never thought of myself as a hater, but apparently I am one of those as well.

It seems my belief in the American Dream and equal rights for ALL citizens of this great nation has branded me as someone who must be destroyed.

This seems to be the America the far-leftists want to create.

As a proud Trump supporter, I have been attacked at every turn. The crazed Democrats are convinced that President Trump will lead to the demise of everything they hold dear.

Well… that’s exactly why I support him.

The Democrats believe in the murder of children in the womb. I believe in the right to life, and each baby is a gift from GOD.

The Democrats believe in keeping the people in poverty so they can have a voting base. I believe in lifting people out of poverty so they can enjoy the American Dream too.

The Democrats believe in defunding our police and empowering criminals. I believe in the rule of law and supporting our Law Enforcement Officers.

The Democrats believe in open borders and non-citizens having the same rights as citizens such as voting in our elections. I believe in a border wall and non-citizens living under the laws of the land. This means you must come here LEGALLY, obey our laws, and NO voting in our elections. If you break those rules, you MUST return to your country and never come back to the USA.

The Democrats will lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their goal of complete power. They will send their media lapdogs out to push their agenda and frighten the American people into compliance. This has been proven true over the last few months with the COVID-19 pandemic LIE!

Their stories about COVID have changed from day one. We went from don’t wear a mask to you MUST wear a mask. Then they said if you don’t have symptoms you can’t pass it to anyone, then they said you can still pass it even if you don’t have symptoms. Now, they are pulling that one back. Dang, get your story straight!

They are also pulling back the lie of children being carriers even if they show no symptoms.

The most upsetting thing is how those of us who questioned the COVID numbers are called conspiracy nuts. However, with the latest reports we are being proven right. It’s impossible to believe anything they say with all the lies told from day one.

Okay, I’ll put on my tinfoil hat now. I believe this whole COVID thing was a worldwide False Flag. Yeah, I said it. That’s what I believe, and I challenge you to open your mind to the truth of this whole dirty deal. These people are evil and they will do the most unthinkable things to hold on to their power and wealth.

My fellow Patriots, we are in a war for our very lives, and President Trump needs us now more than ever. The corrupt Democrats and their crazed minions will do any and everything they must to hold on to distract us from learning the truth. They will even release the Hounds of Hell on the American people… oh, yeah, they’ve already done that with Antifa and BLM terrorizing anyone in their path.
The Antifa punk didn’t see that reaction coming, did he?

So, this is the America the Democrats and their far-left minions want? NO, thank you. If they want to live that way they can move to a communist country. Heck, I’m sure the American people wouldn’t mind buying them all a ONE-WAY, no return ticket.

This is what we are fighting today, my fellow Patriots. This is the America the Democrats are trying to force on us, and they will if they win control of the White House and Senate this November. We MUST stop them or we are screwed.

Never give up. We are Americans and we never surrender to tyranny! Let’s get back to work and living our lives like we were before COVID and all the violence in the streets.

Let’s help President Trump Make America Great Again!!

Don't be censored

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