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The Swamp Creatures Struggle to Hold onto Power

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For decades the American people have lived their lives in ignorant bliss. We went to work, raised our families, and through hard work and dedication we enjoyed the benefits of the American Dream. We believed that our government worked for us. Yeah, from time to time someone we elected might go off the rails, but for the most part, we believed in those we elected from our political party. We normally didn’t vote in the mid-term or primary elections, but every four years, we would get out and vote for our Presidential candidate.

Everything was wonderful for those elected to positions of power in Washington DC. They had no fear of paying for their crimes. They were masters of their domain. No one would ever dare challenge them…

So, why are the Swamp Creatures worried about losing power now, you ask? Heck, for years most of those in the Republican Party and those in the Democrat Party worked together behind the scenes. They would each play their role, but behind closed doors, they walked lock-step in their vision of the government THEY wanted. A government of complete control over the people. A government where those at the top enjoyed wealth and power, while the rest of us struggle to survive as our freedom is steadily being taken from us.

That was a great deal for the Swamp Creatures… that is until a little thing called the Durham Report. One who is speaking out lately in protest is none other than Shifty Adam Schiff. He recently said. “One of the concerns I have with Bill Barr is that the worst is yet to come. I mean, he’s got a terrible, destructive track record as it is, and it may get worse in the coming days. ” Schiff went on to say in a recent episode of the Talking Feds podcast, “But what we have seen largely is Barr’s intervention to protect the president.”

The Swamp Creatures are beginning to squirm.

You see, they have been quite busy over the years. They have infiltrated our government at ALL levels. They have put those they wanted in positions of power. Unfortunately, they have also managed to control those chosen by the people to challenge their corrupt agenda. How many times have you cast your vote for someone you believed would go to DC to fight for YOU, only to be disappointed when they seemed to transform into another Swamp Creature? Yeah, me too.

The Swamp Creatures in DC feared their days of free-reign was at an end when Donald J. Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. They threw everything they could at him, but NOTHING worked. You see, it’s because it was all LIES.

First, there was Stormy Daniels and the long list of women who said that Donald Trump either had an affair with them or sexually abused them. Try as they might, the Swamp Creatures couldn’t get the FALSE accusations to survive the bright light of TRUTH.

Then when that failed, they moved on to Russia, Russia, Russia.

Have you ever heard of the term PROJECTION? That’s where you accuse someone of doing what you’re doing to take the attention off yourself. Needless to say, the DC Swamp Creatures are masters of that art.

The Obama administration KNEW that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was selling 20% of our Uranium to the Russians. Obama was alerted to the fact and did NOTHING. Then MILLIONS $$$ were sent to the Clinton Foundation… see where I’m going here?

This Fox News report was done a little over two years ago. Much has happened since then to expose the massive corruption of the Swamp Creatures.

The whole Russia Collusion hoax has fallen completely apart. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats and their Deep State minions are guilty of orchestrating the entire coup d’état to destroy President Trump and ANYONE connected to his administration.

The Swamp Creatures did everything they could to stop President Trump, but why go to such extreme measures? While it’s true they have committed numerous crimes to gain power and wealth, they actually took things to a whole new, unbelievable level. They have spied on the American people to learn secrets about their enemies and to find information to use against them. One such weapon was Operation Hammer: Obama’s Secret Weapon. Of course, they denied its existence, but like all lies, it has proven what Obama had done since the first days of his Presidency.

Yes, these are some horrible crimes, but what could cause them to lash out in such a panic-filled manner these last few months? What would cause them to use a virus, rioters, and a manufactured race-war to hold the attention of the American people?

What could turn the American people against the Swamp Creatures, no matter what side of the aisle you come from… human trafficking. Yes, I said it… human trafficking and worse, CHILD trafficking!

I remember years ago when they first put pictures of missing children on milk cartons. I remember my mother looking at the picture of the child and wondering if they would ever be found and returned to their family.

It seems that over time, we’ve become numb to the idea of disappearing children. The media will cover a story from time to time, but only of a kidnapped and then murdered child. Not one that just seems to have just vanish… completely off the face of the earth.

From time to time someone would speak up about the children missing from around the world. They would bring up the subject of human trafficking, but would quickly be labeled a conspiracy theory nut. This seemed to work for years because the subject stayed on the far-reaches of the spectrum.

However, we didn’t know about Jeffrey Epstein and his huge clientele of powerful people. We have recently learned that Epstein would video those who came to his island or parties at his posh homes, doing things they didn’t want to get out for public consumption… sex with underaged girls and things that are even worse. It appears that Epstein had a large treasure trove of blackmail videos, pictures, and other questionable things that will not only destroy these powerful people politically but can land them in some serious legal trouble.

President Trump goes after the assets of those involved in human rights offensives… human trafficking.

What do the Executive Orders mean? If you are found to be involved in human rights crimes such as trafficking you will have ALL of your assets taken and will spend the rest of your life in prison, or can face the death penalty. Oh, yeah, President Trump also wrote an Executive Order that brought back the Federal death penalty. Yep, President Trump has gotten everything ready for the DC Swamp Creatures.

Could the reason the Swamp Creatures are in such a panic? Could it be that they know THEY are in some of those videos or pictures? Or even worse, that they are directly involved in the trafficking and MURDER of our children. The evidence of their involvement is coming out more and more with each passing day. Soon, they will no longer be able to deny their guilt. You can find all sorts of videos and pictures on the internet on the subject. However, they are usually tagged as false. The Swamp Creatures and their minions work overtime to prevent you from learning the truth.

It’s estimated that up to 800,000 children come up missing each year in the USA alone. Truth be told, it’s probably more. It’s said that worldwide on average it’s in the MILLIONS each year. How is it possible that all of those children just suddenly vanish? Well, with the evidence finally coming to the surface, we have learned there is a worldwide network who makes $$$$ in marketing the children of the world. There are some sick people out there.

What’s worse, is they have been able to do it with a compliant media. However, those days are gone.

The good news is there are thousands of Digital Warriors stepping forward to share the truth. The Swamp Creatures and their minions in the media can NO LONGER silence us. There are websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and other sources that are sharing the truth. We call it Red Pilling. If you’ve seen the Matrix movie, you’ll understand what that means. The only problem is that once you take the Red Pill, there is NO going back inside your protective cocoon.

This is why we MUST get out and vote this November. The Democrats know the only thing that will save them is to defeat President Trump, win the Senate, and hold the House. We cannot allow that to happen. We dropped the ball in 2018 when we allowed them to win the House. President Trump has fought an uphill battle against Pelosi and her gang of slimy minions. We cannot let President Trump down again. We need to re-elect him AND give him a STRONG Senate and House. If you want to see them face judgment, we MUST remove them from power.

I know this article has touched on a difficult subject. However, we MUST admit that it’s happening. Luckily, there are those who are already on the frontlines of this war. I want to leave you with this video to let you know that together we can stop what’s been happening in the shadows.

Thank you for your support. GOD bless President Trump and GOD bless the USA.

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