Well, it looks as though Twitter is having a fit over another Trump 2020 Campaign video ad. So, because of their attempt to censor this video, we, here at the Trump Dispatch decided to showcase it for our fellow Patriots… enjoy!!

Well, Patriots, no wonder this video is being censored… it tells the TRUTH! Seeing all those happy Deplorables at a rally is their worst nightmare. They can’t spin their lies that President Trump has lost his support of the Patriots. They don’t want to show the GROWING support he has from the American people who have walked away from the Democrat Party either. They want to control the narrative with fear and lies.

They are doing all they can to keep us from gathering together to show our support of the greatest President ever!

The Democrats and their Deep State minions in social media know their days of power and control are numbered. They know WHEN President Trump wins re-election this November, their final hold on the people is OVER!

Are you ready to work hard to help President Trump? Are you going to share this video far and wide? Are you ready to put the final death-nail in those who hate everything our country stands for?

Let’s do it! Let’s save the United States of America, and keep it as a shining light of hope for people around the world.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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