It’sad when a news outlet hates those telling the American people the truth that they will give out a fellow journalist’s HOME address. It has been reported that the New York Times is putting together a story that will give out Fox News show host, Tucker Carlson’s home address. I ask you, why would they do that? In the video below, Tucker Carlson responds to the actions of the vile NY Times.

I remember when becoming a journalist was considered a noble career, well not anymore.

It’s people like Mr. Carlson who fight on the front lines every day for truth and justice. It should be a crime to give out personal information. NY Times is doing this to Mr. Carlson because they don’t agree with his political stance.

The vile Democrats know that Tucker Carlson is making a difference in the coming 2020 elections. He is a threat, and for that reason, he MUST be shut down. They don’t care about the welfare of Mr. Carlson or his family. He fights on the side of truth and justice, so he must be destroyed. In fact, they would not blink twice if the Carlson family were harmed or worse, killed because they gave out this man’s home address. The Carlson family is being terrorized and it needs to stop.

My fellow Americans, what is happening to Tucker Carlson and others like him, will not stop until those guilty of such acts are prosecuted. Anyone who fights against the extreme leftist and their agenda is hated. The leftists will do anything to shut them down.

We, the American people, must shut the extreme leftists down, and we can do so by voting a straight conservative ticket in November. Together, we can make a difference and protect people like Mr. Carlson, who is one of the good journalists that fight for us. Now, we must fight for them.

I will be Praying for the Carlson family’s safety. I hope you will pray for them as well.

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