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George Floyd, a thug, a drug dealer, and user died at the hands (knee) of a Police Officer.

Unfortunately, somehow, after his death, George Floyd was elevated to a symbol of sainthood in Ghettos around The USA!

As a Black man, I am fascinated by this incongruous and inappropriate elevation to the apotheosis of a damn near Godlike presence in The Black Community.

June 9 named ‘George Floyd Day’ in Harris County Texas

The pathetic nature of what transpired related to George Floyd is, in many respects, appalling!

The actions of the Police Officer who kneeled on George’s neck, and thereby cut off his air supply which led to Gorge’s death is a rare event in so far as the police are concerned.

However, The Hood, who always plays the role of the righteous and aggrieved party, takes a rare incident to point an accusing finger at all police officers.

What is even worse is the Progressive Liberal News Media giving unfettered attention to this unfair claim.

” Cesario and Johnson’s study, finally, corrects a broader misconception the media has ingrained in the public imagination — the false impression that there are rampant shootings of unarmed black people by the police.

Simply put, police shootings of unarmed citizens of any race are extraordinarily, vanishingly rare. Fewer than 1,200 people total are killed by police in a typical year, per major databases like KilledByPolice.

Moreover, of all citizens shot by police, 90% are armed with a weapon and between 90 to 95% are attacking the police or another citizen. However, sensational and selective media coverage has resulted in the wildly mistaken belief that unprovoked shootings of unarmed citizens are common events.

Toni Martin, front center, cries out on Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014, as she talks to police at the scene where she says her son was fatally shot Tuesday at a gas station in Berkeley, Mo. Authorities did not immediately identify the man who was shot. But the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Toni Martin said he was her son, Antonio Martin. (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson)

Taking a moment to analyze the totality of police-citizen interactions further illustrates how extremely rare these incidents actually are. There are, at minimum, 50 million police-citizen encounters in the USA annually. If multiple contacts with the same citizen or police interactions with multiple citizens (e.g., domestic disputes) are counted, the annual total might be as high as 150 to 200 million police-citizen encounters.

In comparison, fatal police shootings of unarmed citizens who do not actively pose a direct threat — as a result of tragically mistaking a cell phone for a gun, poor decision-making or training, or criminal police misconduct — total about 50 per year. The odds of an unarmed American who does not pose a direct threat being shot by the police are fewer than one-in-a-million — again, less than your chances of being struck by lightning, or killed by bees or wasps.

The Ghetto is run by Drug Dealing Thugs! The Ghetto is number one in violence toward other blacks. The Community never talks about what is truly wrong in The Ghetto, because looking in the mirror will cast their own image!

The very first place to begin is a single uneducated female head of household. Typically, these females are lifetime Welfare and Food Stamp recipients. Additionally, there is the issue of children having several different fathers who are not present in the lives of their children. The children begin school at a disadvantage.

The gap grows significantly over the course of time. Ghetto schools are not equipped to handle the lack of discipline and structure in the lives of Black Students. Discipline and structure must start at home.

My mom ensured that I would be ready for school by reading to me and at 4 years of age, took me to the Library to procure a library card. I was allowed to take out three books, and I read those three books in a week. When you are exposed to knowledge at a young age the likelihood is you will be successful in life.

However, the irrefutable evidence is Ghetto children have a multitude of problems when starting school. When you begin life behind the 8-ball, it is difficult if not impossible, to catch up. Especially, if you are bringing home hard cash from selling drugs. A 7-year-old should not be selling drugs at 3 AM on the streets.

What we need to discuss are Ethics and Morals. 1) a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture. 2) The rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.: medical ethics; Christian ethics.

When your community is essentially controlled by Drug Dealers then your community is at a distinct disadvantage in raising children. Further, when it comes to illegal behavior this becomes the standard. The Ghetto is deficient in high standards. Thus, the reason that George Floyd was elevated to Sainthood status.

I think most everyone would agree that George Floyd did not need to die while being arrested. The Officers involved should and will be punished. The false narrative of police killing black men more frequently than any other Race is nothing but pure fantasy. Yet, this belief gives the thugs in The Hood a feeling they can do anything, I mean ANYTHING illegal they desire with no repercussions. It becomes their Raison d’être, which means their reason or justification for being or existence. Therein lies the crux of Ghetto life. The inability to deal frankly with reality.

The choice of George Floyd being elevated to sainthood is simply one more effort to ensure that Ghetto standards are NOT torn down. The Philistine lie that the police are killing Blacks at some major disproportionate rate is, simply put, Ghetto obfuscation.

In the end, the lie simply devalues The Ghetto Community further. If the folks who live in Ghettos around The USA want to fix what is wrong in their community then they had better start ridding themselves of what is destroying them from within. Ultimately, until Ghettos eradicate the ever-present criminal element not much by way of progress will take place.

However, to eradicate that criminal element will take courage. Leadership comes from intelligence, integrity, creativity, and the ability to negotiate. Sadly, those leaders for the most part do not currently exist. Primo Veritas!

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    • Clyde Thanks for the props!
      I really plan to attack this bad police lie big time!
      Will take me a little while to pull it all together but we need people to understand the prevaricating game The Hood rats are trying to pull off!


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