I thought 2020 would be a great year, but as it turns out, I was wrong. It definitely has been a life-changing year, though not a pleasant one.

Things were going along great at first. The economy was booming, the American people were working in greater numbers than ever before, President Trump was sure to win re-election, and the Patriots were excited about his coming rallies. Things were looking great… and then Coronavirus hit the world. Now we were told to go home, stay there, and don’t come out. Then they said we can come out and said not to worry about wearing a mask, but we should stay at least 6 feet apart or ‘social distance’ as they’ve labeled it… but wait! They’ve changed their minds about the mask and are now telling us we MUST wear one.

The CDC lied to us, hid facts from us, and made the virus appear much deadlier than it is. In fact, I haven’t heard of anyone complaining of having the flu this year, have you? It’s all about the Corona. I find that strange, don’t you? In fact, the coronavirus is a member of the corona family of infections, which includes the common cold. It makes you wonder how many of those positive test results are people just having the antibodies from other members of the corona family. Let that sink in a moment.

I believe the Coronavirus was a tactic by the extreme leftists to attack and destroy our economy thereby destroy President Trump and his chance of winning the 2020 election. Luckily, it didn’t work. Instead of being destroyed, President Trump came to the battle in true champion fashion.

Once the elites realized the Corona wasn’t having the effect they desired, they came up with another ploy to destroy America’s economy and defeat Donald Trump. They used the death of George Floyd to start a war against our police officers, and Americans lost their minds.

ANTIFA and BLM went all out to prove the police were out to get anyone that wasn’t white. Now, many Democrat-run cities are demanding the defunding of their Police Force. Are you people insane???

“Peaceful Protesters” began protesting the death of George Floyd, but somewhere along the way, Mr. Floyd’s death was lost, and it became all about destroying the history of America. Statutes were torn down, flags changed, and many want to destroy the history of the Civil War. After all, if we destroy the things that remind us of that part of America’s history, then it didn’t happen, right? WRONG! Could it have anything to do with the Democrats wanting to erase THEIR racist past?

The insanity didn’t just end with the attempt to destroy Confederate statues and changing the Mississippi flag, no, that wasn’t good enough. They continued tearing down and destroying statutes of patriots who fought to abolish slavery. Really?

The protesting became riots in the streets with burning, stealing, and killing. Now, we truly are in the day where not just the white man has become a target, but any man who stands up against the Elite fighting against the Communist agenda.

Our 2nd Amendment is under attack. The McCloskey’s battle is not simply their story, but America’s story. If this couple, who defended their property is found guilty and goes to prison, then more and more Americans will be prosecuted for simply defending themselves and their private property.

We cannot even get real news anymore. When real journalists attempt to get the truth out, they are attacked. Tucker Carlson and Shaun Hannity are two such cases of truthful journalism under attack. Luckily, their attackers were proven to be liars.

When will it all stop? I don’t know, but I do believe it will come to a sudden end. I can see more and more Americans waking up to see the battle we are in. We are realizing that Hollywood and corrupt politicians are tricksters, liars, and many are pure evil with seemingly no soul. They have sold themselves to Satan for power and wealth with their satanic rituals, which include child sacrifice and the sex slave market. These fools even want to make Pedophilia legal and acceptable. No, not going to happen!

We, the good people of America, may have a difference of opinions, cultures, and lifestyles, but we do all have one thing in common; we love America and want to keep her as the home of the FREE, and the BRAVE.

The battle is not over, my friends, but together, with President Trump at the helm, we can win this war. Still, we must maintain our fight for freedom by electing those who will fight for us in the corrupt world of politics. Vote Conservative.

If we lose President Trump, we will lose the war, and we will lose America the FREE, America the BRAVE. I ask you to come out to the voting booth this November and let our voices be heard as ONE VOICE, and win this war against communism in America.

I have faith that President Trump WILL WIN, and when he does, we might just see Corona, riots, and the anarchy that is running wild in our great country, suddenly disappear. My hope is that once President Trump is re-elected, the nightmares will end, those asleep will awaken, and HEALING can begin for our nation and our world.

God bless America. God bless President Trump, and God bless the WARRIORS who are fighting for the FREEDOM of America.

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  1. I`ve read somewhere that the darkest hour is right before dawn.After all this chaos and turmoil in our country,we are going to see a new America with our President Trump leading this country to new heights.Americans can now see the difference between the Democratic/Communist party and the Republican party and will make the right choice and vote for the Republican party.America will be saved from the communists:ANTIFA,BLM,Soros,
    China,and the ‘Democratic’party because God loves this country.

    • I do believe that. And we definitely are in dark days at the moment. I have faith in President Trump and know he’s the only one who can lead us out of this chaos we’re in right now. And yes, I believe Americans who truly care for the future of our country will be compelled to vote conservative straight across the board.

    • Thanks for your reply. Yes, I absolutely believe we are in our darkest hour concerning which direction our nation will go. I believe that President Trump is the only man who lead us out of the darkness and into the light, led by God’s direction. I also believe that God appointed President Trump for this particular moment in history. I believe Americans are waking up all around the nation and in November, they who love our country and our freedom, will vote for President Trump. We must pray and hold to our faith in this dark hour and VOTE conservative across the board as though we may succeed in voting in our great president once more, his hands will be tied if we don’t conservatives in Washington that will assist him in this great calling he has, which is to help save America from Communist takeover.


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