They’ve been taken and hidden away in the darkness. Their lives have no meaning to those who use them and then toss them away. Little broken bodies. Shattered souls. They cry for mercy. They cry for an end to the torment. They cry to be found.

We can not longer close our eyes to this evil. The trafficking of children is real. Each year, millions of children worldwide are taken and sold as slaves. Most do not survive, and those that do are a shell of the child they once were.

However, there are those who are charging in and are arresting the traffickers.

This is one of the reasons President Trump has been fighting to build the wall on our southern border. It’s to stop the trafficking of children from Central and South America into the USA by modern-day slave traders.

Everyone believes that drugs are the most profitable commodity that’s flowing over our southern border, but it’s not. A drug can only be sold once. A child can be sold over, and over, and over…

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The bad guys are being arrested.

This is a difficult subject, but we must not turn away. The children need us to be strong. The children are counting on good people to stand up and speak out. They are counting on the good guys to rescue them. Let’s not let them down.

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