It seems those in control of social media who are working hand-in-hand with the Democrats are doing all they can to keep the truth from the American people. We are told to shut up and do as told, and if we dare question the narrative, we are quickly slapped down.

As a conservative, I have always known the liberal leftists do not like to compromise. It’s their way or you better prepare for a full-on attack.

This brings me to the China virus fiasco.

Where we once enjoyed the freedom to come and go as we pleased, we are now told we can’t go to church, sporting events, family vacations, and our children are even being told, “No school for you.”

A fellow Patriot sent me this video, and I thought it needed to be shared here. While watching it I felt a sickening feeling consume me. As one who has refused to wear a mask, this video will explain why.

Have many of our fellow Americans surrendered to those who desire to control them? Yes, unfortunately, they have. We even hear stories of people being attacked for not wearing a mask. Heck, I heard about a man having a cup of hot coffee tossed in his face by a crazed woman because he dared not wear a mask… what??


But those with an agenda of complete control haven’t stopped at us just wearing a mask and social distancing. No, not at all. Now, they are controlling what medicine we can get to fight this virus sent from Communist China. After all, there’s more money to be made with those expensive new medicines and vaccines, right?

When President Trump first mentioned Hydroxychloroquine, the leftist media and Democrats lost their collective minds. How dare the President promote a drug to fight the China virus. He’s not a doctor. Anyway, if the President likes it, it MUST be bad, right?

However, over time, doctors began to come forward with stories of how this inexpensive drug had saved the lives of their patients. Hundreds, if not thousands of Americans were given Hydroxychloroquine and found nearly instant relief from their repository symptoms. This is truly a life-saving pill.

It seems those behind this virus agenda don’t care if Americans die. We are just collateral damage in their quest to hold on to power and stay out of jail for their MANY crimes.

Then we have the lies about the number of COVID cases. We’ve all questioned the numbers, and now we have evidence that our doubts were, in fact, true.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots. We have been tested and far too many of us have failed. I don’t mean tested to see if we have the virus. No, I mean tested to see how much of our God-given freedom we will willingly surrender in the name of public health and the greater good.

Many will call me a conspiracy nut or claim that I must be wearing a tinfoil hat. You see, I refuse to conform. I refuse to believe the hype and lies. I believe this was all done to stop President Trump. Why do I believe this? Because the DC Swamp Creatures have been quite busy.

  • First, endless women came forward to claim that then candidate-Donald J. Trump was guilty of affairs, sexual abuse, or belittling them.
  • Next, spying on the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign. This made Watergate look like child’s play.
  • Then they went after anyone connected to the Trump campaign, with the goal to frame them for non-existent crimes. Like they did Gen. Flynn.
  • Of course, they needed the FAKE Russia Dossier, which was paid for by Hillary Clinton and used to get all the FISA warrants used to frame those who worked on the Trump Presidential 2016 campaign.
  • This, of course, led to the 2-year long Mueller investigation that ended with nothing more than a fizzle.
  • However, that didn’t stop the Swamp Creatures. They went forward with impeachment. Yep, that too was an epic failure.

The Swamp Creatures have thrown everything at President Trump and NOTHING will stick. What to do next? Ah, yes, China would give them the perfect opportunity to destroy everything good for the American people that President Trump has done since elected.

The perfect Trojan Horse from China: COVID-19

Unfortunately, once the virus numbers began to look better and the American people were more than ready to reclaim their lives, we had a pumped-up race incident. Of course, that led to riots in the streets of American cities. As we’ve heard before… never waste a good crisis, right?. Even if you have to create the crisis and blow it is up so you can release the Hounds of Hell, or otherwise known as Antifa.

The United States is under attack from enemies within our government. The Swamp Creatures have dug themselves in deep at all levels, and those in the Senate and Congress are merely useful idiots for the One World Order puppet masters. Don’t be fooled, they are from BOTH political parties. The Swamp Creatures are easy to spot. They are the ones working hard AGAINST President Trump.

Sean Hannity on FOX News has often said if President Trump discovered the cure for cancer the Democrats still attack him. Well, it seems we might have the opportunity to see the Democrats and the Swamp Creatures lose their collective minds.

You see, this whole China virus thing may have exposed a horrible lie against the people of the world. One that has allowed the death of MILLIONS of people. It will also prove that President Trump never says or does anything without a purpose.

Chloroquine and cancer.

Isn’t that amazing? President Trump had said he would like there to be a cure for cancer before he left the White House. Is this what he meant? Did the China virus scheme to force a dangerous vaccine on the people of the world just blow up in the faces of Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, and Big Pharma? It sure looks like it did.

If you love this country and everything it stands for, you MUST vote this November 3rd. We cannot afford to sit at home because Trump’s a meanie or you don’t like his tweets.

If you were miserable during the shutdown, let it be known that was only a preview of things to come should the Democrats win complete control in DC. They will come for your guns, your church, your children, everything you hold dear will be taken for the greater good.

We’ve been given a magnificent gift. However, it’s up to us to protect and save this great nation for future generations. May GOD continue to bless the United States of America.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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  1. What an amazing article!The Democratic/Socialist party,Antifa and BLM are just a front for the communist party trying to take control of this country,just as they did in the 1930`s,40`s and 50`s.They will stop at nothing to get absolute power,they are diabolical!We need our President Trump now more than ever,he is the one that will save America from chaos and destruction.
    The false threat of covid19 has turned Americans into scared little rabbits wearing ridiculous masks even inside their cars and inside their home!It looks like the invasion of the zombies!What happened to those fearless men and women who crossed oceans to come to this country for their freedom?Where are those courageous Americans?


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