Now that both National conventions are over and each Presidential candidate has accepted the nomination, it’s time to see if either has swayed the American to change their view of the two candidates for President. I must confess that I didn’t watch the Democrat National Convention. As a political writer, I tried, but I kept wanting to throw things at my television. So, I thought it was best to just watch videoclips. I must admit that I sat in stunned silence as the Democrats attempted to convince the American people that creepy Joe Biden was their guy. It was an epic failure.

The celebrities appearing for Biden were ridiculous. Their lines fell flat, and they came across as complete fools. I was ready for some canned laughter to start at any time like in the sitcoms from years ago.

There was no passion. No emotion. No pride to be an American. Every clip I saw was just Trump bad. Biden good. I believe the reason the Democrat’s failed was that they don’t love this country. How can you have a positive message when your heart is full of hate and rage?

This wasn’t only felt by me, a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. No, even lifelong Democrats felt it too.

Each night after the Republican National Convention, CSPAN had open phone lines for people to call in and give their opinion of that night’s events. By the face on the reporter taking the calls, it didn’t go as planned.

As you heard, people who once considered themselves a Democrat have realized the party left them behind in its quest to turn the USA into a Socialist/Communist country.

One the other hand, President Trump and the Republicans showed the American people that while we are in difficult times now, we have better days ahead. If we stand side-by-side with our fellow Americans and hold GOD in our hearts there is NOTHING we cannot accomplish.

Where the Democrats used Hollywood celebrities to share their message, the Republicans let the average American tell their story. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather hear someone tell me their life story, than have someone read a script written by someone else.

At the end of each convention, they had a fireworks show to close the events. Here is the show from the Democrats. Oh, yeah, what’s with the face masks? They’re outside for goodness sake.

This may sound mean, but my family had a better fireworks show in our backyard this last Fourth of July. Pitiful, Democrats, absolutely pitiful.

Of course, the Republicans did not disappoint. This is how it’s done. Let’s give President Trump a LANDSLIDE victory, hold the Senate, and WIN BACK THE HOUSE.


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