Jacob Blake forces his girlfriend to call the police. The reason given is a Domestic Dispute. What one has to assess is how this drama ended with Jacob being shot 7 times in the back. I think most everyone is aware of the unbelievably drastic turns a Domestic Dispute can take. To begin with, we know Jacob did not make the call, the woman made the call. Thus, we have the beginning of the saga. Jacob set a series of events in motion.

He was legally not supposed to be anywhere near the woman, his girlfriend, who called the police. Also, Jacob Blake had a warrant out for his arrest. He was facing multiple charges, according to Politifact, including a felony third-degree sexual assault and two misdemeanors. Police Officers tried to arrest Blake but he broke away after being tasered twice. Blake was not simply leaving he was resisting arrest. An action that is all too common in The Hood.

Hood Rats always need to prove their manhood. Blake was in possession of a wicked-looking knife and after breaking away from the police, he decided to reach into his car. If you have half a brain and engage in such actively primordial behavior with police, we can state categorically, this behavior is likely to cause a serious reaction by police.

What one needs to understand is thug behavior is highly irrational. Throughout the entire Blake driven incident, nothing racial ever came up. Nonetheless, we are supposed to believe this dust-up with police was racially motivated.

The reality in the Hood is always play The Race Card. Then sit back and count on Al Sharpton, and the rest of his claque to blow the incident up for the news media. Now we have an entire group of Black athletes following the Pied Piper in pursuit of Racial unrest. Just remember Black Athletes generally got into college based on athletic talent. Athletic talent allows college sports to make bundles of money. Thus, colleges have a vested interest in keeping their black athletes happy.

Additionally, if you listen to many of the black athletes speak, it’s obvious they didn’t get into college by meeting a specific academic standard. So, the reality is, a bevy of scam artists, nitwits, and deranged decry the police as an armed and evil force in the Hood. A rather fascinating claim when you realize he Ghettos of America represents the highest crime rates in America. Apparently, what the Hood is really lobbying for is the ability to be criminals, without interference from Law Enforcement.

Allow me to provide some statistics on domestic violence and black women. Obtained from an article by The Blackburn Center.

The statistics on domestic violence in the United States are disturbing. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Each year, domestic violence is estimated to affect 10 million people in the United States.

Yet, for Black women, the numbers are even starker. More than 40% of black women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, according to the Institute of Women’s Policy Research’s Status of Black Women in the United States. In comparison, 31.5% of all women will experience domestic violence. A report from the National Center for Victims of Crime found that 53.8% of black women had experienced psychological abuse, while 41.2% of black women had experienced physical abuse.

More disturbingly, black women are 2.5 times more likely to be murdered by men than white women. In an overwhelming majority of these cases — 92% — the person who killed them knew their victim. 56% of these homicides were committed by a current or former intimate partner. Nearly all —92% — of these killings were intra-racial, which means that they were committed by a black man against a black woman.

With statistics like these, the Black Women’s Health Project determined that domestic violence is the number one health issue facing black women.

The population of African Americans according to The 2000 Census was approximately 35 Million. We are therefore talking 14 Million Black women suffering mental and physical abuse by their man! No matter how you slice that cake, the number of black women in violent relationships is beyond shocking, grotesque, and utterly absurd.

Just curious, but has anyone seen a march for black women who are abused by black men?

What should we take away from the Jacob Blake incident? First of all, wait until all the facts are rock solid before making a judgment. It seems apparent that the reason for Blake’s problems stems directly from Blake. He had no business breaking the law and going to his girlfriend’s home. Jacob did not follow the explicit instructions of the court.

The behavior exhibited by Jacob Blake is normal for Ghetto males and to a lesser degree females. When one talks about the Ghetto, it’s antithetical to common sense. Blake had no reason to be at his girlfriend’s home. Jacob, therefore, caused the problem from the word go. A simple cause and effect scenario.

The funny thing about this latest another black man being shot by police is Jacob may now need his girlfriend to wipe his butt. Ain’t that a sobering kick in the ass? Primo Veritas!

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