You’re a Racist: this is the weapon of choice by those on the far-left. Surprisingly, at one time President Trump was loved by those in the Democrat Leadership. That is until he decided to run as a Republican and stole the Oval Office from their darling Hillary Clinton. Since the moment President Trump placed his hand on the Bible and swore to serve and protect the American people, he has been under constant attack with claims of racism, and worse.

According to the Far-Left crowd, if you’re a WHITE American, you’re the reason for everything bad happening today. Who knew that the color of your skin instantly makes you evil, while the color of others makes them guiltless of anything they do.

Now, we have learned that our tax dollars were paid to have Federal employees taught how anyone white is BAD.

My fellow Patriots, we truly are in a war for the minds of the American people. Do we quietly sit by and allow this brainwashing to continue, or do we do as our President and push back?

No one should be made to feel guilty because of the color of their skin. No one is above another because of the color of their skin. We are all children of the same GOD and made in his image. The only racist people are those using racism as a weapon.

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If you LOVE this great country, get out and vote to re-elect President Trump for 4 more years!

GOD bless this great country and her people.

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