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The Miasmic Culture of Black Ghettos in America

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Black Ghettos in America are best viewed from the vantage point of a radioactive culture. The primordial slop that exists in the Ghettos is a virulent mess. The mess starts with a single female head of household and Welfare. When you give anyone money they do not have to work for, those individuals develop a sense of entitlement. The women in question are not physically unable to work. Yet, to receive Welfare there is no work requirement. A typical day is getting high, watching TV, eating, and the pursuit of pleasure. If the individual wanted to better herself then why not start taking courses or pursue a vocational option? Would it not be sensible to get a high school diploma? How about assisting, educationally, your children who have not started school yet?

Children from the poorest homes risk becoming an “educational underclass”, starting school in nappies and behaving like toddlers, says research from the Centre for Social Justice.

The think tank says there are four-year-olds so far behind that they do not know their own names and have the social skills of a two-year-old.

One should be horrified at the findings in this study. The Ghettos of America are producing children incapable of basic logic, unable to speak Standard American English, and additionally major self-control problems in the classroom. Single Female head of household presents a formidable challenge to the children these women produce. Black home life, in The Hood, is one devoid of discipline and structure and prolific in the area of violence, both inside and outside the home. The question is how does it impact the child?

Violence at home, disruption at school

Brett Welch says she’s noticed that kids who act out at school often come from tough home situations.

“Instead of asking for help, they’ll start being disruptive,” Welch explains.

“They’ll ask to go to the bathroom for the 15th time. And when they can’t, they’ll raise their voices. It can get to the level of throwing a chair — but that’s very rare.”

Kids who witness domestic violence are more likely to get in trouble at school and have behavioral problems, including being aggressive and bullying their classmates.

Welch says she understands why: School is “where they can feel powerful because they are completely powerless at home.”

Now, domestic violence and restraining orders happen in all the schools’ Carrell examined. But they were 10 times more likely to happen in the school serving the poorest population compared with the school serving the wealthiest population. So, to make sure he wasn’t just seeing the effect of poverty, Carrell came up with a clever solution.

He looked at siblings who come from the same family and go to the same school, but one sibling has a classmate who’s struggling with domestic violence and the other sibling doesn’t.

Examining lots of sibling pairs and crunching almost two decades worth of data, Carrell found that your classmates, and whether or not they come from a home with domestic violence, influence how well you do in school and beyond.

Both Black males and females from violence afflicted homes have severe emotional hurdles to overcome. Many Black children who grow up in violent homes become violent adults. When you begin to assess the police problems Black males have, their background of feeling powerless is exacerbated by the need to prove their manhood. Hence an ordinary circumstance with the police escalates into open warfare.

I recently watched a video on Most Shocking, where a simple traffic violation became a life or death situation. A State Trooper stops a young Black male for speeding. It is wintertime and the Black male, after being asked for his license, began reaching inside his coat to his belt. The Trooper recognizes what he is up to. A struggle ensues. The black male then attempts to shoot the Trooper while struggling beneath him. The two of them continue to wrestle for control, and the black male fires the gun again but misses. The Trooper then pulled his gun and shot the nitwit in the head thereby ending the struggle.

You ask yourself is this a righteous shoot? I say you damn straight it is. The Black male was attempting to kill the State Trooper. Additionally, the Black male had serious weight in the trunk of his car by way of illegal drugs. Is anyone even surprised?

The issue here is he was going to jail. Again, I say so what, most of his pals are already there. Yet, Hood Rats would scream “Dey shooting us”! Well, stop acting like dummies.

The way this shooting would play out in The Ghetto is a retelling of what happened. The Trooper just walked up to the victim and shot him. Then they start marching. Next, the march turns into a violent get together where stores are looted and then burned to the ground.

A Ghetto is a place where delusional behavior is commonplace. You can not discuss facts and logic with irrational people. One needs to comprehend the magnitude of what transpires in their world. Drug kingpins own the Hood. The violence we see in Ghettos is driven, mostly by drug traffic. Also, we need to realize that 94% of blacks murdered in the last century were Black on Black murders.

The cry that Cops are randomly killing Blacks is pure fiction. This is just an attempt to prevent the police from doing their job. Obviously, each time a black male is shot the community cries foul. Keep in mind when you actively resist arrest, then bad things are likely to happen.

The leftist News Media continues to promote the false image that Cops are murderers. Rarely, have I viewed a news report where the press stated, “Black male violently resisted arrest.”

Most of the interaction between Ghetto males and the police goes sour when there is an attempt to be combative. The leftist press allows the black community to play the Race Card, thereby allowing them to become the victim.

In most cases where Black males are involved, the press provides a ready outlet for fictitious “facts” to be treated as a reality. Then, we witness the typical Ghetto assault on facts and logic. Somehow, a group of unethical black males performs the art of turning a thug into a Saint.

These podium seeking black males, do their Hood Hustle in the macabre, raising a street-level thug to an apotheosis of stature. Once you check into the criminal history of the street thug, it becomes readily obvious why the police officer had a problem. Thugs represent the radioactive core of the Ghetto. If a change in the Hood is ever to take place, then new ethical, intelligent, and knowledgeable black males and females must lead the change.

Keep in mind there are decent human beings living in the Hood. There exists a complete paucity of intelligent leadership that exudes integrity, and toughness and creativity in the Ghetto. When you allow uneducated and under-educated black athletes to represent you, one is making an error in judgement. When you allow scam artist preachers to represent you, they will give vocal play to you, but they will make life better for themselves NOT the Hood.

To sum up the verifiable problems in Ghettos around America are as follows:

  • The single uneducated female head of household on Welfare, many of which have never worked a day in their lives.
  • Dysfunctional children raised with little or no discipline, structure, and virtually no education. When you are unable to speak the language of the country you grew up in anticipate trouble.
  • Ghetto Culture being controlled by Drug Dealers, who control the flow of life in the Hood. The violence associated with every drug dealer fighting to control turf is readily apparent by the blood-spattered streets.
  • The Democrat Party has created a generational Welfare State in the Ghetto and the subsequent indoctrination of those living there. “The Police are your enemy.” This situation is easy to fix. Stop engaging in criminal behavior and DO NOT RESIST ARREST.
  • The obvious need to eliminate Drug Dealers from the culture but no one has the courage to tackle the problem.
  • Allowing scam-artists i.e. Sharpton Jackson et. al. to shift blame openly to the police. Bad police are maybe 1% of what is wrong in the Hood.
  • Progressive Liberal News Media’s continued assault on the Police when in fact the real problem is a noxious culture in the Hood.

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