It seems as though the Democrats refuse to accept that President Trump has denounced White Supremacists. In my opinion, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. We all know the Democrats are masters of projection. If they accuse others of doing something you can bet they are guilty of it themselves.

They claimed that President Trump colluded with the Russians, only to learn it was the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat minions in the Deep State who were guilty of Russian collusion. They’ve claimed that President Trump has lied about nearly everything. However, we have learned the liars are the Democrats.

Now, we have all the violence in the streets over perceived racism. We all know that BLM and Antifa are FAR-left organizations. However, as far as the Democrats are concerned, these two violent organizations are doing their bidding to spread unrest.

With demands for President Trump to denounce White Supremacist organizations such as the KKK, which was founded by the Democrat Party, where are the demands for the Democrats to denounce BLM and Antifa?

At the first 2020 Presidential debate, Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace found it necessary to ask President Trump to denounce White Supremacists again. To be honest, I don’t blame President Trump for being perturbed at the question. Wallace had asked the same question in 2016.

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise since Wallace is and always has always been a Never-Trumper, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise. With his performance the other night, it appears that Wallace is just another Swamp Creature.

I do find it convenient that Joe Biden offered the name Proud Boys as a White Supremacist group at the debate. Why them? Why not the KKK? Could it be that he didn’t want HIS ties to the organization brought up? This article by PJ Media will explain how it’s Biden who cozies up to White Supremacists and segregationists.

Let’s take a closer look at The Proud Boys. Then you can decide if they are a hate group of White Supremacists.

Huh, these two sure don’t look like White Supremacists to me.

The Proud Boys is a men’s organization founded in 2016.  a pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, or Western Chauvinists as many sources state.

Proud Boys‘ values center on the following tenets:

Minimal Government
Maximum Freedom
Anti-Political Correctness
Anti-Drug War
Closed Borders
Anti-Racial Guilt
Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
Glorifying the Entrepreneur
Venerating the Housewife
Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

I’m not saying I do or don’t support The Proud Boys and their agenda. I do, however, agree with several of their values. I only wanted to learn about them and see what Biden thought was a White Supremacist organization. Apparently, if you don’t support the Globalist agenda, you’re a hater and must be destroyed because you are a danger to the American people. I wish that someone would remind the Democrats that it was THEIR party that founded the KKK and Jim Crow Laws. It’s the Democrats that have remained silent while Antifa thugs terrorized innocent Americans. It’s also the Democrats who support the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matters.

It’s time for conservatives to shout out the truth. We can no longer allow the Democrats to control the narrative. Our futures depend on it.

If you LOVE this great country, get out and vote to re-elect President Trump for 4 more years!

GOD bless this great country and her people.

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