What is indoctrination? According to Merriam-Webster:
1. to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle.

2. disapproving to teach (someone) to fully accept the ideas, opinions, and beliefs of a particular group and to not consider other ideas, opinions, and beliefs.

The second definition should be obvious to the African-American Community. They have been taught to vote Democratic at least since 1964 and Desegregation in America. Keep in mind there were the Dixiecrats, a dissident Southern Democrat. specifically a supporter of a 1948 presidential ticket opposing the civil rights stand of the Democrats. The South wanted to retain segregation as a legal mandate. Huge Civil Rights protest marches took place in the South. The leader as most would know by now was Martin Luther King Jr. Although, Martin Luther King Jr. was successful in bringing about an end to segregation, no one really asked the question “What has been the psychological impact of racism on African-Americans?”. The answers are not particularly easy to assess. Although, there is some data that exists that begins to assess the impact.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Black Rage was published in 1968, written by William H. Grier & Price M. Cobbs. Both of these psychiatrists asserted that they had delved into the psyche of Blacks who had lived under segregation. Thus Black Rage became the first book to examine the full range of black life from the vantage point of psychiatry. This widely acclaimed work has established itself as the classic statement of the desperation, conflicts, and anger of black life in America today. Black Rage tells of the insidious effects of the heritage of slavery; describes love, marriage, and the family. It addresses the sexual myths and fears of blacks and whites. It chronicles how the schools have failed the black child, and examines mental illness among black people and the psychic stresses engendered by discrimination. Finally, it focuses on the miasma of racial hatred that envelops this country, why it exists, and what will surely happen if it is not soon dispelled.

Fifty-two years later, we do have some answers. One aspect of the argument that slavery was causing mental health issues in the Mid ’60s, is certainly ripe for analysis. Slavery ended on December 6, 1865. Therefore, one would have to believe that most Blacks in America were dealing with mental health issues caused by actions that had transpired 103 years earlier.

If one wanted to make the case that segregation had adversely impacted Blacks in the South, without question, the case could be made. America at the time Black Rage was published was dealing with a cultural revolution. However, what one must realize is the role parents and the Public School System played. If parents were raising their children to be strong psychologically and high performance in the educational sector, that would have mitigated much of the negative influence wrought by society.

I think it’s a stretch of the imagination to believe something that took place 103 years ago would influence anyone unless the same factors were involved. Thus, unless you can prove thoughts and feelings were transferred via DNA to another generation, the statement is false. It means that the authors Grier & Cobbs, allowed their clients to lead them down a road that has never existed.

On July 2, 1964, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the historic Civil Rights Act.

When there is precious little positive input at home, one can anticipate most students will have problems in school. Additionally, when there is violence in the home, a heavy negative impact on the child or children will likely be the result. The constant promulgating that the Police are the problem in the Ghetto is simply put a major lie.

In 2019, 259 Black people were killed by police in the United States. This compares to 182 Hispanics, 13 Native Americans, and 406 White people. The rate of police shootings of Black Americans is much higher than any other ethnicity, at 30 per million people. This rate stands at 23 per million for Hispanics and 12 per million for Whites. However, if we look at the total population of African-Americans, we find 47.8 million in 2019. The total population for Whites was approximately 251 million. So, Whites outnumbered Blacks by 5.2 times. Yet, the Black population exceeded the violent crime by Whites in each year from 2014 to 2019.

The mantra about the Police targeting Blacks is entirely phony. The reality is that Blacks are involved in far more violent criminal pursuits than any other ethnicity in America. The Progressive News Media will never state this fact for obvious reasons. Those in the Progressive News Media have hitched their wagon to The Democratic Party. The Democratic Party needs the African-American Community because they are perhaps their largest voting group who over the years seem to be predisposed to voting Democratic. The fabrication that Cops are killing Blacks is being sold by the leftist News Media and The Democratic Party. The anarchy we have seen in Portland, Seattle, and New York City has been driven in part by a group of ruthless young black miscreants.

The African-American Community will push the idea that stereotyping and Racism cause Blacks to be in the gun sights of the police. However, the facts state something entirely different. The Hood produces more criminals than any other group in American Society. Why? The actuality is when your culture is driven by criminals then what should one anticipate? Therefore, we can understand the intent of those who call themselves leaders in the Community. Drug dealing is the primary profit maker and that profit venue is not going to produce any worthwhile intellectuals.

The cry of, “The police are killing us” when researched turns out to be erroneous. Yes, there are incidents between the cops and Blacks and sometimes the police are guilty. However, the latter case is a rarity in American Society.

Primo Veritas!

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