We’ve all watched in horror as the obvious cheating by the Democraps has swayed the election for Joe Biden. With MILLIONS of mail-in ballots seeming to not match the voter rolls, one must wonder just how bad this mess has gotten to be.

Well, thank goodness for James O’Keefe. Watch his video posted on Twitter and get ready for your blood to boil.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots. You can bet this very same thing has been done far too much over the past few days.

We all know that President Trump won this election. We all know the Democraps cheated. Heck, even Biden said they had a plan to cheat.

We all know that President Trump will not silently step aside and allow this scam on the American people to put Joe Biden in the White House to succeed. We all know the Democraps are scared to death of a Trump second term. He has told them that he has the dirt on their treasonous and corrupt ways, they know he is ready to make them face judgment for their many crimes.

The Democraps have thrown everything at President Trump. From Russia, Russia, Russia to impeaching him for a phone call, and then on to blaming him for the China Virus deaths. The Democraps have thrown everything at him. Now, they’ve resorted to voter fraud and not properly counting the ballots.

My fellow Patriots, keep praying and don’t give up hope. Just remember that GOD always wins.

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