I have tried to stay positive, but watching the ballot numbers being announced this morning made an uncontrollable rage burn deep inside of me. HOW is it that we’ve allowed the Democraps to steal this election so far? Yes, I said WE for a reason.

I will never believe that Biden won this election without cheating. He even said the Democraps organized the greatest voter fraud organization, in this own words, not only for this election but that of the Obama administration. If you don’t believe me, watch this video.

Does that make your blood boil, yet?

While we were chanting Four More Years, it appears the Democrats were busy setting up this plan to steal the 2020 election since all of their other schemes had failed miserably.

We all know how they have spent the last four years undermining the President in the eyes of the American people. From the claim of what ended out to be a FAKE Russian Collusion lie to impeachment over a phone call, to calling him a racist and hater; the Democraps never let up. The Democraps have twisted his words and claimed he had no success in fulfilling his America First agenda. They’ve even gone as far as to claim the southern wall isn’t being built. Yeah, they really are that crazy.

If President Trump can’t pull a miracle out of his MAGA cap, we will have a major battle ahead of us to save this country and our freedom. We all know the first thing a Biden administration will do is to come after our faith and our way of life. We stand for everything those on the left fear: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, Freedom of Worship, and a small unintrusive government.

We know what the crazed leftists want. They want their Utopian idea of the perfect Communist country. One where the elites have all the wealth and power, while the rest of us are merely worker bees, serving them without any freedom to live our lives as we see fit.

Have you seen the Hunger Games movies? Well, that’s what the Democrap elites want for us. Without the gladiator-like game… I hope.

While the lead actress in this movie series is a complete liberal nut, the hidden message in these movies is powerful and profound. From the sacrificing of our children (abortion and human trafficking) to people being forced to live in what’s called Districts (the future FEMA camps) where the people work as slaves for the elites in Capital City (all places of power for the elites) is something we all could be facing. The people in the movies face daily starvation because the government takes all wealth and they face extreme punishment if they try to stand up to tyranny. This is a visual of the plan those in power have for you and me. That’s why they hate President Trump so much.

We’ve already heard cries of NO personal homeownership from Elizabeth Warren. We’ve heard of a plan for huge tax increases. I guess we will need to learn that any money we have or earn really isn’t ours. Of course, the elites will have millions of dollars to enjoy a life of luxury in their sprawling mansions. All provided by the worker bees they force into their FEMA camps. Sadly, this has been the plan all along.

Learn about the Global elites plan to destroy the USA.

It’s a shame that true history hasn’t been taught to the American children. While college professors and teachers at all levels of education taught our children that the USA is evil, and Communism is the answer, the average American was working hard to provide for their families and living their version of the American dream. Unfortunately, we never saw it coming until it was almost too late.

The slideshow images below will show you what got us into this mess. We’ve been played by the Democrats AND the Republicans.

President Trump and his supporters started a revolution. We all stood up and let the corrupt lawmakers that we’ve had enough. That’s why they hate our President and treat us with nothing but disdain.

For decades, we believed that when we voted for a Republican, we were doing our part to save this nation. However, we were all fooled. There really wasn’t a difference between the two parties. While the Republicans claimed to be the party of freedom, it was actually just Liberal-Lite. In fact, the leadership from both parties would just say what was needed to pacify the people, while holding hands and laughing behind our backs.

The day that hope for our nation returned to the American Patriots.

Nothing changed until New York businessman Donald J. Trump came down that escalator and announced his run for President of the United States of America.

United States… whatever happened to that wonderful idea?

So, here we are. We had President Trump working hard for the last 4 years to make American Great Again, and now we’re potentially facing a Biden/Harris CORRUPT administration. Now don’t think for one moment that the Democraps will allow Biden to remain at the top. No, not at all. They will toss him under the bus so quickly that he won’t know what hit him. This has been their plan from day one. Use Biden to win the White House, and then come up with a reason to put Harris in his place. Scary thought, huh?

Patriots, we need to have the President’s back at this time. He cannot do this alone. If you live in one of the states where voter fraud appears out of control, PLEASE contact your representatives and let them know they need to work to #StoptheSteal if they want to get re-elected. Remind them just who it is they work for, and that you expect them to do what is right for a change.

So, there you have it, my fellow Patriots. I guess we are forced to wait and see if the Democrat’s plan to steal the election is successful, or will President Trump continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…AGAIN with another four glorious years.

Keep praying that we are successful to #StoptheSteal.

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