Well, it appears that the GOP Elites/Never Trumpers are sticking their heads out of the shadows. This comes as NO surprise with President Trump fighting to prove how MASSIVE voter fraud was perpetrated by the Democraps.

I find it amazing how many Republicans have decided to remain silent during this fiasco. Where are the Republicans that President Trump helped win re-election? Where is the loyalty to the leader of the Republican Party? We know what’s going on. They believe the President is wounded, and they now feel empowered to turn on him.

Of course, those in the liberal fake-media LOVE this…

However, they are doing this at their own risk. You see, the American Patriots may have voted Republican, but we do NOT support the old GOP Guard and their wishy-washy ways. NO, we want leaders who lead without fear. We want President Donald J. Trump and leaders like him. We want leaders that put the needs of the American citizen FIRST.

I sat in stunned silence on Thursday when I heard a news report that Sen. Mitch McConnell sent a message to Joe Biden that he is ready to work with him on getting his judges through the Senate. WHAT??? So, is Mr. McConnell all in on Court Packing? It sure sounds that way. Then he gets in front of the camera and states that President Trump should fight all the voter fraud. Which is it, Mitch? Do you support President Trump, or are you ready to toss him under the bus? The American Patriots would love to know.

I was also horrified to hear those in the GOP are floating the idea of a Rubio/Haley ticket for 2024. Oh, please! Those two have proven time, and again they are part of the old GOP guard. Yes, Nicki Haley did a good job as the UN Ambassador, but she is NOT cut from the same cloth as President Trump.

I am so angered to see there are so few Republicans coming out in support of the President at this time. Why is that, you ask? Well, it appears they smell blood in the water, and they don’t want to face the wrath of the Democrats should Biden actually get seated in the White House. Just saying that makes my stomach do flips.

So, what can the Patriots do at this time to help President Trump? First, turn off any media that has a Destroy Trump agenda. Heck, even Fox News seems to have jumped on that bandwagon, minus a handful of shows on there such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. While I know Hannity supports the President, he really needs to do his homework a little better.

It doesn’t surprise me that the President got 70+ million votes. It does, however, shock me that Biden supposedly got 74 million. This from a man who couldn’t fill his stupid circles with supporters or was lucky to get maybe 20 cars to show up for his silly rallies.

I also don’t believe the reports of districts with 100% or more voting. First of all, since when has 100% of voters EVER showed up to vote, let alone over 100%?

Just look at the numbers. There is an estimated 331,002,651 population in the USA. Now, we are told that roughly 144 million voted in this election. That means that nearly half of the US population voted… how is that even possible?

A 2017 article proves the problem of potential voter fraud.

First, we need to subtract those who are underage, not eligible to vote, and not registered to vote. You cannot tell me that those add up to only half of those eligible and legal to vote. Of course, we also need to remove the dead from the voter rolls and those who no longer live at their registered address. Heck, I’m sure that I’ve voted in California numerous times since I moved out years ago.

So, where does this leave us, my fellow Patriots? We are going to have to remind the GOP just who it is they work for. The ONLY reason their membership numbers have gone up with Americans is because of President Trump. The GOP owes President Trump a BIG Thank You. Not a kick in the teeth. The Patriots who support President Trump will never forgive the GOP if they don’t support our President at this time. We gave the GOP a big lift because of President Trump. However, we can kick them to the curb just as quickly.

Leave a comment below and let everyone know how you feel about the GOP Elites.

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  1. Trump’s dependable friends in the House consists of the Freedom Caucus and friends in the Senate you can count on 1 hand. HOW SAD for all he has tried to do for this country. Now they run the other way as fast as they can 😡😪🇺🇸


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