We’ve all watched as evidence of the Democraps attempt to STEAL the 2020 Presidential election has been exposed. As each day goes by, the depth of their corruption is undeniable.

In this video, Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas clearly lays out what is going on. After a conference call with Trump’s lawyers and Bill Stepien, she explains how the evidence of voter fraud is overwhelming.

In this video, Ms. Dundas gives the short version of where this is going.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots. While the media is saying it’s all over and Biden is the new President, it’s just not true. There are tens of thousands of votes yet to count, and tens of thousands of illegal votes to toss in the trash.

Hopefully, this corruption will lead to MASSIVE arrests of ALL of those involved. From the person filling in fake ballots, all the way up to the top of the Democrat Party.

President Trump won a LANDSLIDE victory, and we must have faith this attempt to steal the election will go down in flames.

My fellow Patriots, we must all put on the Armor of GOD, and soldier on in this battle against evil.

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