We’ve all heard the spin from the liberal media pundits and even those who claim to be conservative about the results of the 2020 Presidential election. We’ve heard that as Trump supporters, we should just sit down and shut up. It’s over. Biden won.

However, the truth has a nasty way of coming out if you take the time and effort to look for it.

In this video, you will hear from the witness who has seen the evidence that Sidney Powell offered to Tucker Carlson. Get ready to be blown away by what he has to offer.

This election was, in fact, stolen. Votes were switched to Biden, deleted, or just not counted for President Trump. This is why we must not surrender to pressure from those with an agenda to get rid of President Trump.

Grab yourself a snack and beverage, and get ready to learn what Sidney Powell meant when she said, “We have it all.”


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