So much has been happening lately. From violence in the streets, election issues, or should I say election FRAUD. Each day seems to bring new things to face.

As Patriots, we’ve all wondered WHY nothing has been done to stop all the DC Swamp corruption. We’ve all seen it with our own eyes. It doesn’t matter what side of the political aisle they’re on either. Corrupt Democrats AND Republicans have dug themselves deep in Washington DC and have become wealthy and powerful in the process.

However, in 2016, the American people stood up and said, “NO MORE!” We were tired of empty promises from our elected officials. We were tired of them living under a different set of rules. We wanted those in office to remember who it was they worked for… you and me.

Of course, if we questioned their actions, we were called conspiracy theorists or just plain crazy. I, for one, am no ashamed to say I’m one of those the Progressives in BOTH parties fear the most. I think for myself. I question everything. I refuse to conform.

Because of that, I’m a target by those on the left. Most would find that horrible, but I consider it a badge of honor. Nothing beats striking fear in the hearts of the enemy. That’s what all Patriots have done. We have shown the elites that we will no longer remain quiet. We elected President Trump to lead this charge against the Globalist/America Last agenda forced on us for decades.

Since 2017, we’ve heard whispers of how President Trump and White Hats in government have been working behind the scenes to weed out the corrupt Swamp Creatures. However, as time has passed, we’ve wondered WHY nothing seems to happen.

Wanting to restore our freedom, we’ve grown impatient for action, ANY action against those who strive to destroy this great nation and our God-given rights.

Why are the traitorous Swamp Creatures not in handcuffs? Why aren’t they in Gitmo, facing a Military Tribunal? I’m sure you won’t like the answer any more than I do. It takes time to get all the pieces in place to take down a worldwide corrupt cabal. Yes, worldwide. The tentacles of corruption run through ALL governments around the world. The Swamp Creates does not work for the American people. They have their own agenda of world domination where they have all the power and wealth, while the rest of us live in squalor as slaves.

However, there is hope. You see, President Trump and the White Hats have been busy getting all the pieces together to DRAIN THE SWAMP finally. Not only here in the USA, but around the world.

We are on the verge of a great awakening. We are about to see those who have sold out the American people for power and wealth FINALLY face justice. Watch this video and decide for yourself.

Is this the end of the Swamp? Is this the beginning of a world free from government corruption? Sometimes, you just need to get all the pieces together before acting. It would be best if you also let people SEE the truth for themselves.

I pray you all have a blessed Thanksgiving Day with those you love. I will be spending it with my loved ones and NO masks or social-distancing in our home—hugs, and kisses to all.

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