It appears the release of the surveillance video of mysterious ballots being counted AFTER the poll watchers were cleared out of the room in Georgia has given Governor Kemp a change of heart.

In case you haven’t seen the video that appears to have the Governor a little nervous, here it is.

As of this morning, Gabriel Sterling, the GA Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager claims this video is not accurate and was taken out of context. He says what happened on this video was not evidence of ballot tampering, but the question is still there if he is being honest with the people of Georgia. We will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

I do have a question for Mr. Sterling, a professed Republican who says he voted for President Trump. If this was all above board, why wait to count the ballots AFTER those there to watch the count had left? I’m sorry, but with everything going on with the vote count, I’m not 100% trusting of his statement.

Regardless of the true story behind this video, it appears the plan to steal the election is crumbling. Now we wait and see who will be the first to turn on the others to save themselves.

Election fraud is real. The evidence is there if you just look. I believe this will not only destroy the Democrat Party, but I believe it will take down corruption Republicans as well.

This video gives you an idea of the depth of voter fraud done in Georgia alone.

Now it’s up to the American people to hold those in control of counting our votes feet to the fire. Our right to choose our leaders is sacred. To learn there was a grand effort to take that from us should make every Patriotic American stand up and demand those guilty to pay for their crimes.


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