We’ve all wondered how the Democrats and Deep State players were able to pull off such a massive election fraud. It was quite an impressive plan. We learned how the voting machines had taken votes from President Trump and gave them to Biden. We’ve all watched the videos of ballot stuffing, ballot counters filling out ballots, and all sorts of ways to steal an election.

I must confess the plan seemed full-proof. The only drawback was the patriots easily found evidence of election fraud. The Democrats, in their arrogance, overplayed their hand… again. The Patriots had all the evidence to arrest the guilty, but one little detail needed to be discovered. How was it done on such a wide scale and in real-time? Well, that question has been answered, and it proves the corruption is much worse than most Americans could ever have imagined.

In this video, those questions are answered. Go to Underground Patriot to watch the earthshattering video. You may need to tap on the center box that says, “We need to pray” to turn its audio off to listen to the main interview in the first box. I had to do that on my computer. I tried to embed the video on this page but was unsuccessful in finding a working link.

There you have it, my fellow Patriots. The proof we’ve been waiting for. It is upsetting to think the Senate and Congress traitors went ahead and voted to give Biden the White House, knowing full well the election victory was due to fraud. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to them. However, I have the feeling things are about to go south for those involved in stealing the election from our President.

**Warning, tinfoil hat time**

We all know how hard President Trump has worked to Make America Great Again. He has spent endless hours making deals to rebuild our economy, clean up the mess left behind by previous administrations, and do the unthinkable: negotiating peace in the Middle East.

We know that President Trump is a fighter. He doesn’t know how to fail. We watched him do the impossible and beat the Clinton Machine in 2016. Then we watched him trounce Biden in 2020. I don’t care what anyone says; Biden DID NOT get 80 million votes.

From day one, the left has gone after President Trump, breaking law after law. First, there was the fake Russia Dossier and Mueller Report, then we moved on to the Ukraine Phone Call impeachment, and countless media created lies. Try as they might, President Trump has come out victorious each time. So, why should any of us believe that he won’t win this time?

In my opinion, the President has been setting a trap for the Swamp Creatures to expose themselves. We’ve all watched as politician after politician has shown their true colors, and Tuesday night was the final step in President Trump’s game of Cat and Mouse.

We’ve all learned it’s treason to knowingly vote to award fraudulent votes like we saw happen Tuesday night. They could have waited the ten days for an audit to ensure before voting, but they wanted to do their treasonous act under cover of night. Out of GOP Senators who said they would stand with the President and the rule of law, ONLY 6 had the courage to keep their promise.

The GOP Senators who pledged to vote for objections to the Electoral College results.

  1. Ted Cruz (TX)  Hero
  2. John Kennedy (LA)  Hero
  3. Roger Marshall (KS)  Hero
  4. Tommy Tuberville (AL)  Hero
  5. Josh Hawley (MO)  Hero
  6. Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) Hero
  7. Ron Johnson (WI)  Coward
  8. Steve Daines (MT)  Coward
  9. James Lankford (OK)   Coward
  10. Marsha Blackburn (TN)  Coward
  11. Mike Braun (IN)  Coward
  12. Cynthia Lummis (WY)  Coward
  13. Bill Hagerty (Tn)  Coward

For all their promises to always support President Trump, this vote on Tuesday exposed them as frauds. It’s time to replace them with actual Patriots.

This brings me to my tinfoil hat moment. What if this was all a trap? What if President Trump and a handful of loyal Patriots set this vote up to shake the final traitors from the bushes? I firmly believe there a good chance of a declass dump soon. We know there are those in the Swamp who are in a full-blown panic about facing judgment for their crimes. We also know there have been rumors of mass arrests. What better way to Drain the Swamp than to learn just who the guilty are?

President Trump has treated his fellow Republicans with respect, only to get repeatedly stabbed in the back. No more games. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Insurrection Act? It’s time to play the TRUMP CARD.

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