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What is Pandora’s Box?

Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s Works and Days. He reported that curiosity led her to open a container left in the care of her husband, thus releasing physical and emotional curses upon humanity.

This is what I believe the supposed Covid vaccines are: Pandora’s Box.

The world was held hostage for over a year. We were told to stay at home, wear a mask, and do this all for the safety of ourselves and everyone around us. We were convinced that if we didn’t follow the rules handed down by those in power, we would be guilty of leading to the death of anyone we came in contact with.

Our children were trapped at home as it was not safe to send them to school. Families were kept apart out of concern of spreading this ‘deadly’ disease that has a survival rate of 99.997% for people ages 0 to 19, 99.98% for people ages 20 to 49, 99.5% for people ages 50 to 69, and 94.6% for people over 70. Those numbers are about the same as the annual flu, and I don’t remember the entire world being shut down each flu season.

Horror stories of the elderly dying in massive numbers because those sick with Covid were put back in extended care facilities instead of keeping them in a hospital. President Trump even provided mobile hospitals for that reason that were NEVER used. Why? Why leave grandma and grandpa in a place where their chances of survival were zero? Then the families were forbidden to hold a funeral for their loved ones while keeping other families from visiting those who survived.

So, what makes Covid different. Why all the hype? Why all the fear? Well, I’m going to say something that many people are beginning to realize. It was never about Covid. It was all about the vaccine. It was about causing such a worldwide panic about a deadly, out-of-control disease that people would flock to get a vaccine to return them to their normal lives.

Commander of US Army Material Command Gen. Gustave Perna (R), with US President Donald Trump, speaks on vaccine development on May 15, 2020, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

When President Trump first pushed for a vaccine, he did it knowing that the corrupt world elites had planned to keep the world shut down for 3 to 5 years. That way, they could bankrupt the world economy and secure their hold on the people. President Trump knew this was their plan, so he knew he had to act.

Operation Warpspeed was necessary to stop the evil plan hatched by the Deep State around the world. If a vaccine could be developed, it would destroy their plan. However, it appears they took another route to fulfill their agenda. We all know that Covid was created in the Wuhan Lab in China as a bioweapon. Then it was released on the unsuspecting world.

When President Trump stopped travel from China and other affected countries, he was called a bigot and racist by those on the left. He knew of their plan to depopulate the world, but The Swamp Creatures did all they could to stop him. Remember the Russia collusion hoax and the two impeachment attempts? They knew he had to be stopped at all cost. This is where they moved up their plans and unleashed Covid on the world.

The media did its best to spin the lie that was fed to the people of the world that Covid came from someone eating bat soup. They ran with that story for as long as they could. However, the truth has a nasty way of coming to the surface. Now those involved are in CYA mode. They needed to take the focus off of themselves. So, what better way than to launch their minions to cause chaos on the streets.

Then in record time, vaccines were made available to the people of the world.

However, the vaccines were not the promised miracle. It seems the Cabal and their minions, the vaccine developers, had a different plan for the people of the world. It appears that they have loaded their miracle vaccines with POISON.

Warning of a possible link between Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and heart disease

Graphene Oxide: a Vial Concoction for Mass Murder

THE VERDICT IS IN: They’re deliberately killing us with the Covid ‘vaccine’ bioweapons!

Of course, now that they’ve developed the Covid-19 vaccine, they must convince the people that it’s safe and will stop the disease’s spread. Let the brainwashing lies begin.

As you can see, they offer nothing but lies. The vaccine has NOT been approved. This is NOT a vaccine. We are being treated like lab rats, and people are becoming sick, and far too many are dying.

Does that cause a shiver to go down your spine? Yeah, me too.

The victims of The Jab are coming forward with their stories. We need to listen to their words and those of their family members.

Those are just a small handful of those who have suffered after receiving the Jab. If you missed our last article where we showed the poisons put in the vaccine, I recommend you read it as well— Search for Truth.

The evil and corrupt worldwide Cabal has been quite busy. First, they unleased Covid-19 on the people of the world. Next, they stirred fear by claiming MILLIONS would die if we didn’t stay on lockdown and wear face masks. Of course, they couldn’t make up their mind on the mask. It went from don’t wear one, to you must wear one, to finally, you may need to wear several of them at a time. If you did some simple research or just read the box that your mask came in, you would know that it provided MILLIONS of people worldwide with NO protection at all.

Now, we are being warned about the Delta variant. I’m my opinion; this is just another lie to regain control. The people of the world have had enough. They are standing up and pushing back against the Covid lie. They are letting their governments know that they will no longer be locked in their homes. That they are sick of wearing a useless mask. They want their lives and freedom back.

However, the worldwide Cabal isn’t done yet. They have an agenda, and they are hellbent on fulfilling it, no matter what they must do.

In the video below, the scientist speaks of an exciting discovery, as though it will benefit all humanity. However, look closely and open your mind. First, why did he choose an owl as the image? Those who have done their research know the meaning behind the image of an owl. Secondly, we all know they will not just use this for boxes and food. Are they planning to brand us? Symbolism will be their downfall.

This has all been part of a grand plan by those who would rule the world. It has been in the works for a long time. They have not tried to hide it. It’s been there for all to see if they had the courage to look. What’s frightening is we are seeing it in action today. Brace yourself to learn their plan for you and me. This four video series will shake you to the very core. Knowledge is power. Until we understand the enemy, we are doomed to be their victim.

To believe this isn’t part of an evil plan is dangerous. While the Democrats try to point our attention at Russia, China has been quite busy. What is their plan with this?

My fellow Patriots, we need to help those still asleep to wake up and learn the truth. President Trump had the evil ones on the run while he was in the White House. He was dismantling their evil agenda piece by piece. This was why they rigged the 2020 election. They had to get him out of the White House at all cost.

However, by doing that, they have awakened people around the world. Patriots from all corners of the world are fighting back. We are no longer silent. We are letting those in power know that they work for us and not the other way around.

May God bless you and the entire world as we battle the dark forces trying to destroy our lives.

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