I think we can all agree Afghanistan is a complete debacle. If what has occurred in the last two weeks with the removal of our troops from the region hasn’t got you questioning the motives of the current leaders of our free world, then you are truly confused.

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is an American issue. I keep hearing the slogan, “We are in this together.” Well, my friend, they are right. We are in this mess together. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

We Are In Ths Together… Oh, look, they are shaking hands!

I watched as people filled the planes in Afghanistan, and I shook my head. I did not see many women and children in the pictures of the loaded planes. Yes, there were a few in the second picture, but mostly it looked to be young men.

I question why were these planes filled with so many YOUNG men? Where were the women, older men, and children? I know that if I were running for my life, I would make sure my child got to safety first.

But, these people do not think like us. They are raised from childhood to believe that Americans are evil and deserve death. They treat women and children like property and do with them what they want, specifically sexual abuse. We now know that one of the men among those many men coming to America was, in fact, a terrorist. They caught him after they landed the plane.

Oh, and did you hear about the woman murdered in Texas by an extremist?

The terrorists have arrived in America on these aircraft. Many more are arriving through our open borders every single day. Again, on the borders, I see MEN coming through more than women and children. Thank you, Joe Biden.

With so many people flooding into our country, I hope that you and your family and friends remain safe. Please, always be cautious of your surroundings. We now have to question how many terrorists are in our homeland and what they are planning, specifically with the approaching 9-11?

This should not be a burden we are forced to carry within the United States, but the President and those Military Commanders that advised him have put Americans in harm’s way. I question if it was from sheer stupidity and bad planning, or was it intentional? What questions come to your mind when you think of the fiasco exit from Afganistan?

We left Americans STRANDED, and they LEFT THE DOGS. There is debate on who these dogs belonged to but does that really matter? The fact is these dogs were crated and ready to be loaded on the plane, but our President refused to allow them to leave. What person would leave these poor dogs there knowing what would happen to them? Only a cold and soulless person would!

However, I have not given up hope. I believe we can still save America. We have the United States Constitution as our weapon. We must use it.

There are still warriors among us that lead the charge into battle against our foreign and domestic enemies. We, the people, should appreciate the few news media outlets that tell the truth, the unrelenting warriors that God has put on the front lines to keep us informed. Those who hold the line each day, such as Steve Bannon and others from Real America’s Voce. There are a few other outlets that do bring truth each day. We should support them and rally with them in the fight.

We are now seeing commanders in the armed forces standing up and questioning the leadership.

Gen. David Berger, the commandant of the Marine Corps, thinks the U.S. military should thoroughly examine the decisions it made on withdrawing from Afganistan.

However, there are things that we everyday people can do to fight for our freedom and the safety of our country. We can use our voices and our votes in the coming elections. If you do not vote, then you give your right up to voice an opinion.

While it is true, the 2020 election was fraudulent, and many are working on having that fraud overturned. I believe it will happen. When we are victorious in this fight, we must continue to vote out those lying, cheating, feckless representatives that promise one thing to the people and then vote the opposite once in Washington DC.

In my opinion, they are harming our country by not listening to our voices. Some of them are trying to turn our country into a communist country, but I have news for them. They will be defeated if we, the people, do not lose our faith and rally together for the fight of our lifetime. Oh, and most importantly, God Always Wins!

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