After the debacle in Afghanistan, the United States Military has been under fire for disastrous decisions that led to the deaths of 13 service members. Also, President Biden abandoned United States Citizens, our allies, and working dogs in the third world country.

Private individuals are still working behind the scenes to get our citizens and allies out of Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie of U.S. Central Command testifies before the House Armed Services Committee.

General Milley claimed that the fall of Afghanistan didn’t just occur under President Biden’s watch, but it resulted from twenty years and four presidential administrations. “It wasn’t lost in the last 20 days or even 20 months. There’s a cumulative effect to a series of strategic decisions that go way back.”

The generals stated they advised both President Trump and Biden to keep at least 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. In their opinion, any number below 2,500 could cause the Afghanistan government and military to fail.

Biden left 650 troops to secure the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and the Hamid Karzai International Airport. But, of course, the number grew dramatically when the evacuation occurred.

U.S. Central Command commander Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie with General Milley told a senate panel, the war had been a strategic failure. In a private, closed conference, they also said that President Biden ignored their advice that leaving Afghanistan in a complete withdrawal would be a wrong move. However, President Biden did have the right to ignore their counsel.

Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) interrupted some questioning, defending the generals quite aggressively. It appeared to me that he didn’t particularly like the generals pushed into a corner with hard questions.

My question is, why did he feel the need to defend the generals? Why did he not want them questioned so sternly? Doesn’t he want to know the truth?

I particularly liked the exchange between the generals and Senator Matt Gaetz. Senator Gaetz did not hold back any punches, and honestly, we need more aggressive, fearless Senators to ask the hard-hitting questions.

I’m hoping we will get to the bottom of the Afghanistan disaster. However, I cannot help but wonder if this is just another dog and pony show for politicians to play their roles to the camera and the American people?

In the meantime, as Steve Bannon put it, “Lt. Col Scheller is in the brig so that he won’t speak out during Gen. McKenzie’s testimony before Senate.”

It is, however, what they do; they attempt to silence anyone brave enough to stand against them. We cannot be afraid, and we must not back down. We must hold these generals and the president accountable for the lies and dismissive response to the outcome of leaving Afghanistan in such a disastrous way.

We all know how the Democrats and media would howl to the rafters if this were the Trump administration. This horrible decision not only cost the lives of 13 brave American soldiers but has led to the death of hundreds or possibly even thousands of Afghani people at the hands of the ISIS terrorists.

The blood of those murdered is on the hands of those in charge of the Afghanistan debacle. It’s time for them to pay.

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