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The Catholic Church has a lot of secrets and hidden agendas. However, one particular secret that keeps resurfacing is Sexual abuse. Jesus said, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17, NIV

Jean-March Sauvé, head of the commission, said on Tuesday, an estimated 216,000 children have been victims of abuse by clergy since 1950. Catholic bishops established the commission in France at the end of 2018.

Over the past 20 years, the Catholic Church has been the center of numerous sexual abuse scandals. Sauvé says the church ignored the victims, failed to report the abuse, and knowingly put children into the hands of preditors. I would suggest further that perhaps the Catholic Church involved itself with child trafficking.

Sauvé said the commission itself had identified around 2,700 victims. Still, if investigated further, the number could rise due to abuse occurring from lay members.

François Devaux, who set up victims’ association La Parole Libérée, told church representatives before Sauvé took the floor, ” “You are a disgrace to our humanity.”

The church should be the one institution that is most trusted, but it is not with good cause. I hope more victims will take a stand against the Catholic Church and other religious institutions.

Sexual Predators are in many cases disguised in society as distinguished institutions and people; doctors, lawyers, Hollywood, politicians, and others in our community.

I look forward to the day when child predators and sex traffickers are no longer a problem. I’m not sure if such a day will exist in this world, but I will continue fighting for the children. They are waiting for us to rescue them.

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