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We have all been told to trust science during this ridiculous PLANdemic. Well, I have a question: have we been lied to regarding the Corona Virus? The answer is a firm and unquestionable: YES.

Learn the truth about the Covid-19 PRC test here.

The problem is the lies run much deeper than this Covid PLANdemic. We’ve all been taught that germs are everywhere and they are our enemy. We are told to sterilize nearly everything we touch, and now, we’ve even been convinced that touching each other or breathing the same air is dangerous and even deadly. Yet, amazingly, the human race has survived until now.

Our ancestors didn’t have hand sanitizer or bottled water. They didn’t bathe as often as we do, and they didn’t have all the medicines we have today.

Heck, I remember as a child, drinking from the garden hose and playing in the dirt. I didn’t get sick if I ate something that fell on the floor, as long as it passed the 2-second rule. LOL

During the regular flu season, we never wore masks or practiced social distancing. No, we went to work or school like any other day, and if we came down sick, we stayed home until we got better.

So why the sudden fear of germs and viruses? I’ll tell you why: money and power.

Well, that throws cold water on everything we’ve been taught, doesn’t it?

This brings us to our current situation. From the beginning, Anthony Fauci has told the world that the Covid-19 virus would kill millions worldwide. Everyone in authority followed every suggestion this supposed doctor said. Unfortunately, he kept changing his story. From not wearing a mask to wearing one, then maybe we should wear two or three. Of course, we were told to stay home, and if we went out, to stay six feet apart. We were not allowed to go to church, visit grandpa or grandma in the retirement home, or work and school. Businesses were forced to close their doors for the safety of all. However, the big guys like Walmart were allowed to stay open. Talk about insanity. Unfortunately, some of the small businesses that closed have done so forever. They could not survive Fauci and the PLANdemic.

Now, we are being told if you choose not to get the vaccine, you are a danger to the fully vaccinated. How is that possible if the vaccine is doing its job? Also, why are the fully vaccinated getting sick and ending up in the hospital? Could this miracle vaccine be what’s making them sick? Of course, they tell us those who are unvaccinated are filling the hospitals, but that’s not true. It’s mainly those who recently got the second jab. You see, if you get sick and end up in the hospital in under fourteen days of getting your double jab, you are considered to be unvaccinated. WHAT??

Here’s something else that should make your blood boil with rage.

This looks more like a poison cocktail. How is that supposed to keep you from getting the flu?

So many questions with no real answers from those who claim to know it all.

I know this has been a lot of information to process, but it’s essential to know the truth in this battle for our lives. Those in power don’t care about our well-being. We are merely pawns in their game of world domination.

However, we are awake and no longer willing to allow them to control our lives. We are educating ourselves and standing up to their lies. Keep fighting, my fellow Patriots. We are winning.

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