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Last month, Fake President Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to mandate COVID-19 shots for employees, with a looming date of December 8 as the deadline.

Large U.S. airlines have several federal contracts, so most airline companies immediately implemented the mandate on their employees. However, it appeared last weekend that the employees of Southwest didn’t comply with their employer’s order.

Southwest isn’t the first to have employees walk out or get fired for refusing the vaccine. All over the country, hospitals and medical offices are experiencing the same crisis. Now, Amtrack is joining the fight.

Amtrack has joined the rebellion against our tyrannical government mandates.

Also, it is a travesty what they are doing to our military. The members of the military are not given much choice but to comply. If they refuse the vaccine, they could face brig time, loss of pensions, and a dishonorable discharge. Someone in the military can’t throw it all away, especially if they have to provide for a family. But, some are deciding to receive the consequences. I stand behind all the military regardless of their decision on the vaccine.

It isn’t our business or the government’s business to mandate forced vaccines on the military or the people of America. It is not about protecting us. It is about CONTROLLING US.

Initially, Southwest held out on the mandatory mandates, but they have folded under pressure to force the mandates on their employees.

Over the past weekend, Southwest canceled thousands of flights. They blamed their cancelations on air traffic control issues and bad weather.

Conservative politician Ted Cruz paints a different scenario. He suggests pilots and air traffic controllers walked off their jobs or called in sick to protest the federal vaccination requirements.

“The weekend challenges were not a result of Southwest employee demonstrations,” Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz claims on Monday.

However, people bombarded social media with the hashtags #NoVaccineMandate, #HoldTheLine, and “DoNotComply, apparently creates doubt in Southwest’s claims for the mass cancelation.

The employees of Southwest aren’t going to comply quietly, and it seems United Airlines employees aren’t eager to comply as the company is preparing to fire around 200 employees who are refusing the Covid 19 vaccination.

It certainly will be inconvenient for the customers who wish to fly across the country for business or pleasure, not to mention the airline will lose many millions of dollars.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein recently introduced a bill to require passengers to be vaccinated before allowing to fly. However, passengers could bypass the mandate by proof of negative tests or documentation that they have recovered from the illness. But, the airlines have not crossed that line as of yet. I believe it will be a mistake if they choose to go in that direction.

The next few days and months will be interesting to watch as the airlines and their employees battle it out, specifically with the holiday season approaching. Also, I will find it interesting to see how many other employees across our nation will stand up against the tyranny and refuse to take the vaccine.

My friends, brave people across our country are standing together and proclaiming to the corrupt Biden administration, “We Are Not Going To Take It Anymore!” Thanks to President Trump, many in America and the world have awakened to corruption, and we are not going to give up our freedoms. The way we take our country back is through our voices and peaceful protests.

The fight for our freedom begins with the will to resist the mandates. I am proud of the employees who stand against their company’s mandates and the government’s attempt to force them.

The mandates are unconstitutional. The government and any business attempting to force employees into taking the Covid 19 vaccine are breaking the law. “My Body My Choice.” They do not think we have the same freedom when putting vaccines we do not trust into our bodies. Can you say double standard?

My patriot friends now is the time for us to stand against the government tyranny. Hospital workers and Southwest Airlines employees show us how, and we have to follow their lead.

I pray for the employees and their families that God will bless and keep them in this time of struggle.

God bless America, and God bless the warriors in this fight against a government tyranny takeover.

Call your senators and demand they fight for our freedom against unlawful mandates.

You can call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

The operator will connect you to your state Senator’s office. You will find all of your Senator’s contact information here.

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