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President Trump did more for this country in the four years he was in office than most presidents that preceded him. He also awakened many of us to the tyranny threatening to turn America into a communist nation. Our president opened our eyes to America’s border problems. He fixed the problem by doing what should have been done years ago.

President Trump was an outsider, and the swamp creatures hated him. They would stop at nothing to destroy the man. The Democrats created the Russian Collusion, had President Trump impeached, and when that didn’t destroy him, they started a PLANdemic.

The Democrats and many traitorous Republicans committed significant voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Our president warned us the 2020 election would be the most fraudulent in history. He was right. President Trump warned us about what was coming if we did not stand against tyranny. Again, he was right.

It did appear the evil had won.

But, we all know Donald Trump enough to see, he doesn’t run from a fight.

While in office, President Trump was always one step ahead of the enemy. I believe he is still fighting for us.

Today, I stand behind President Trump alongside the American Patriot and talented singer, Lee Greenwood.

Many Americans believe President Trump’s mission is not finished.

I believe the citizens of America have a mission too. Together with President Trump, we can win this fight against the evil that wants to take our liberties from us.

The world is watching us with held breaths to see what we are going to do in the fight against communism in America, for they know the fate of America is the fate of the world.

God Bless President Trump and America!

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