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Arizona General Mark Brnovich says the Biden administration will send parents to Gitmo over school board threats. Is he right, or is he stirring up unnecessary fear?

I am not sure if Biden can send parents to Gitmo to stand up for their parenting rights regarding schools and mandates, but then again, let’s remember the innocent Americans in jail over the Jan. 6 situation.

Regardless of what the oppressive government threatens parents, we must remain strong and fight for our children.

I homeschool my child, but I am in this fight with my fellow Americans. If the Biden administration wins this fight against the parents with children in public schools, the homeschoolers will be his next target.

I believe the Biden administration thinks if they threaten us enough, we will give in and allow them to do what they want with our children. Virginia voters showed us all that we will not allow the government to shut us out of our children’s education.

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I am proud of the parents of Virginia for standing up and fighting for their children when Terry McAuliffe stated, “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and take books out and make their own decisions,” and, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” Governor debate

Books in schools should not have sexual content in them. Parents are finding books in the schools that have sex with minors and boy love in them. Find out what subject matter your children’s school library has on their shelf.

McAuliffe’s words came back to haunt him on election night when Virginia parents showed up at the polls and voted Republican Glenn Youngkin in as their next governor.

From the numbers I am hearing, there were some Democrats that voted for Mr. Youngkin as well. It appears some Democrats are jumping ship because their party has gone too far left for them.

Virginia voters showed the American people that we still have a voice, and it rang loud and clear on election night. We need every Trump supporter to show up every time at the polls and tell the Democrats they have not defeated us, and we will not sit down and be quiet.

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