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It is time for Americans to stop being complacent and stand up for our rights or be finished as a free country.

Jim Jordan interviews with The Water Cooler show host David Brody from the network Real America’s Voice.

The Water Cooler with David Brody

I agree with Representative Jordan when he says that every one of our rights was assaulted in the last year.

“Every single right we enjoy as Americans under the First Amendment, every single one has been assaulted over the last year,” said Jordan. “Your right to practice, your faith, your right to assembly, your right to petition the government, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, everyone’s been attacked.”

Jim Jordan speaks with David Brody on The Water Cooler

I would go further and say that the assault on our rights has occurred for many years, but I agree that the last year has been tough on our rights. However, I am shocked at just how quick and easy it was to make Americans comply with unconstitutional mandates. Did we learn anything from the past?

Jim Jordan went on to say that Courage is contagious. “Courage is contagious; freedom is contagious,” Jordan said. First, “it was Kyrie Irving, then it was the Chicago Police Union, now it’s someone else stepping forward, it’s moms and dads at school board meetings speaking up,” he continued. “So, courage is actually contagious, and you’re seeing more and more Americans do this.” 

Rep. Jordan is correct. People are beginning to fight for their rights, but we need more freedom-loving Americans to join the fight and never back down until we have won the war.

We need to send a clear message to those in D.C. that WORK FOR US and remind them they need to step up their fight or lose their seats. We, the People, have the power, and we need to use it at election time. Remember what happened in Virginia? The voters there made it clear what they wanted through the voting booth. We need to do this every time to those who ignore us and do what they want to do while serving us in D.C.

Patriots, keep fighting for the great country that President Trump showed us we could have. Never give up the fight for America!

Contact your senators today. Your voice does MATTER!

You can call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

The operator will connect you to your state senator’s office. You will find all of your senator’s contact information here.

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