The news about the vaccines continues to get worse and worse. Prepare yourself for this truth being withheld from the American people by our corrupt media.

As reported in The Expose:

UK Government reports suggest that Fully Vaccinated are rapidly developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and the Immune System decline has now begun in children.

The eight previous Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency’ Vaccine Surveillance’ reports on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79-year-olds has now lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 4-5% every week (between 3.7% and 7.9%).

Projections also now show that 30-49-year-olds will have zero Covid / viral defense at best or a form of vaccine-mediated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at worst. By the first week in January, all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system, which deals with Covid-19, in the next 18 weeks.

The Vaccine Surveillance reports published by the UK Health Security Agency (previously Public Health England) of all complete genome sequenced UK Delta Covid-19 cases (mainly using a genome identifying PCR test) clearly show the progressive damage that the vaccines are doing to the immune response of the fully vaccinated.

Here is the weekly decline in double vaccinated immune system performance compared to unvaccinated people.

Vaccine efficacy is measured using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula.

Unvaccinated case rate per 100k – Fully Vaccinated case rate per 100k / the Larger of Unvaccinated or Vaccinated case rate

We use the normalized absolute ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated case numbers to determine vaccine effectiveness, just as Pfizer itself does.

Vaccine effectiveness of +50% means that double vaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than unvaccinated people. It means that the Delta case rate in the vaccinated is half the delta case rate in the unvaccinated.

Vaccine efficacy of -50% means that unvaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than doubly vaccinated people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaccinated is double the Delta case rate in the unvaccinated.

Vaccine efficacy of 0% means that doubly vaccinated people are 0% more protected from Covid than unvaccinated people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaccinated equals the Delta case rate in the unvaccinated. It means the vaccines have lost all their effectiveness.

These new figures show a slowing down in degradation last week, which is good news. But they also show children are beginning to suffer immune system degradation, which is awful news. Their figures increased due to more and more 12-15-year-olds being included in the cohort since Chris Whitty overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation. They have now just about finished being included. So the slow degradation can now begin to be seen.

At the other end of the age scale, the 80+ group saw a significant improvement due to the boosters, which will buy them a couple of months of improved Covid immunity, which will hide the continuing gradual immune system degradation. These boosters are the same as the initial vaccinations (because no other shot has yet been approved).

So the worry is that while Covid-19 immunity may be improved for a couple of months, their general immunity will begin to degrade even faster than it would have done had the booster not been taken. We shall see if that turns out to be the case from future data.

The 70-79-year-olds also see a slow down in apparent degradation due to the boosters improving their Covid response. It may also be the case that other age groups are already taking boosters. There is no shortage of places that will vaccinate people on-demand without offering the necessary information for giving informed consent. The latest clinical information from Dr. Richard Fleming detailed below is terminal for vaccines and boosters.

The risk-benefit analysis for these vaccines has now become a risk detriment analysis for everyone over 30.

Latest Projections
Everybody over 30 will have lost 100% of their entire immune capability (certainly for Covid and most likely for viruses and certain cancers – following the evidence from Cole Diagnostics in Idaho and Dr. Nathan Thompson and Dr. Ralph Baric) within 18 weeks.

Fully vaccinated 30-49-year-olds will have lost it by the 1st week in January. These people will then have no immune defense against Covid-19 at all. Does the question then become how much of the immune system is involved in defending against Covid-19? The worst-case scenario is that they effectively develop full-blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and destroy the NHS.

“In individuals aged greater than 30, the rate of positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated”. – PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report for week 41.

This news comes as no surprise to this writer. It has been the agenda from the conception of the Covid-19 hoax. It was never about the virus. It has always been about convincing the people of the world to surrender to a death shot. Throughout this series, you have learned of many of this supposed vaccine’s horrible and deadly side effects. Now we learn it is destroying our immune systems by giving those who took it AIDS.

Is this why so many scientists and doctors have said they are worried that millions of the vaccinated will die within 2 to 5 years? It sure is looking that way.

Would you please pray for those led down this deadly road? For those of us who refuse to surrender, stay strong and clothe yourself in the Armor of God in this battle against pure evil.

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