I had the privilege of interviewing accomplished conservative actress Anna Marlowe. She was born on September 6, in Salonika, Greece. Anna is known best for her roles in Microwave Massacre (1979), Sledgehammer! (1986), and Beyond Evil (1980). You can see more of her works on her IMDb page.

Gene Maddaus from Variety Magazine interviewed Anna on October 30, 2019, about President Trump.

“I know why they hate Trump — I think it’s envy,” she told Variety. “I believe he wants the best for the country, and he will be remembered as America’s best president this country has ever had.”

As I spoke with her, I could hear her love for our country, and I am proud to call her a fellow patriot.

Anna says, “Europeans fleeing persecution from their own countries are the ones who created this country. Our forefathers came here for religious and political freedom. America was created above all others as a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world.”

She warns us, “Communists are attacking America, hiding behind the ruse of socialism, but it is outright communism that we are facing as a country. Our leaders in D.C. are trying to control the people, but Americans will only take so much, and then we will begin to fight back because we love our freedom above anything else.”

We talked about former President Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, running for governor of Arkansas.

The Guardian

Anna has met President Trump on several occasions, and she says, “I like him very much. He is an amazing person who loves God and our country more than anything.”  

She reminded me he ran for office out of his love for the country and, unlike most other presidents, President Trump did not use his position for his own personal gain.

 “All you must do is compare the condition the country was in under President Trump and at what condition it is under Joe Biden. Biden did the exact opposite of President Trump. President Trump is the only man for the task. Look at what he did for our country in his four years as our American President. He is the only man that can save this country.”

While attending a political fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Anna had the opportunity to talk with Sarah. She was immediately impressed with Sarah’s honesty, openness, and love for our country.

Sarah wants to fix the Arkansas school system by teaching the children the basic subjects the right way. She also believes colleges are not preparing the students for the future but are indoctrinating them.

Sarah would like to focus on bringing a trades education back to the public school system to better prepare children for their future. Trades such as electrical, plumbing, business, and technical courses would help graduate students begin a career straight out of school or start their own business.

Improving industries in Arkansas is also of great interest to Sarah. Industries such as tourism, winter sports events, and businesses could flourish under Sarah’s governorship and bring in more revenue for the state.

 By bringing in more industry to the state, would undoubtedly bring in employment opportunities and higher wages. Thus, improving the standard of living for Arkansas residents.

While at the Beverly Hills fundraiser, someone suggested to Sarah that Republicans should stay out of the abortion issue altogether. “If the party did not become silent in the abortion fight, we could lose women, voters.”

Sarah replied that she would not lie but stay true to her moral convictions. Sarah and Anna each believe children are gifts from God, as He made them, not man, and considers them a blessing. Abortion is morally wrong.

Anna and Sarah believe there is hope for America. They think Americans are waking up, including Democrats, who see the higher gas prices, the pipeline debacle, the border crisis, and the closing of businesses all around our country.

Believing in Sarah Sanders, Anna is confident that Sarah will be the best governor for Arkansas, aside from her father, Mike, of course.

She even told Sarah, “When you become the next governor of Arkansas, I will come to visit you. “

Anna’s confidence in Sarah Sanders is contagious as I am convinced Sarah will do an excellent job as the next Arkansas governor.

I want to see the pictures of Anna and Sarah together at the Arkansas governor’s mansion when that visit takes place.

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