Hillary Clinton says there is a plot to threaten our democracy and our way of life. The ones plotting against America must be held accountable.

She is right. There is a threat to America, but it is not, as she put it, “Trump and his enablers.”

She and her comrades worked in the shadows toward the goal of turning America into a communist nation. They are the plotters that threaten our way of life and should be held accountable for the evil they have committed against God and our country.

The Democrats cheated and stole the 2020 election and put into office a president and vice-president who have undone everything good that President Trump had accomplished in his four years as president.

In less than one year of the Biden regime, the sheep folded to tyranny, and America stands at the crossroads of communism.

It is President Trump’s ‘enablers’ that have fought to keep the freedoms in America safe.The real terrorists are within our government attempting to tear our constitution to shreds to control the American people. We have become a ‘woke’ nation, more worried about political correctness, CRT, and jabbing everyone with a questionable vaccine than building up our strengths as a nation. World leaders are laughing at us.

Sebastian Gorka explains it well.

Do you want America to continue the path we are on? Contact your representatives today and let them hear your voice. Tell them to fight for our FREEDOM. Remember, D.C. is supposed to work for the people, not lord over us. It is time we remind them of what our Constitution says.

Call the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

The operator will connect you to your state senator’s office. You will find all of your senator’s contact information here.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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