According to an article by Real America’s Voice, Just The News, RISE (The Research
Institute for Scholars of Equity
), students trained to use critical race theory as a means of evaluating teacher quality, among other things, in 2016.


In 2016 under the Obama administration, the federal government awarded its first five-year grant of $1,116,895 to North Carolina Central University (NCCU) for “training” college students in critical race theory.

While some of the students will likely go on to be teachers, the program also puts an emphasis on training students with “research careers that will inform policy and practice in education” on a broader scale, helping propel critical race theory conversations nationwide.

“This is an example of federal funding for CRT at the post secondary level that also has an impact on K-12 schools based on the goals and activities of the fellowship,” said Jonathan Butcher, an education expert at the Heritage Foundation. “This directly exposes the claims that CRT is not used in K-12 schools as false.”

Butcher went on to add that “the grant clearly has goals for teacher training that include instruction in CRT.”

Please, notify your representatives and tell them to put a stop to CRT in our education.

United States Capital switchboard: (202)224-3121

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