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Real America’s Voice, Just the News reports that Wisconsin’s Election Commission says Zuckerbucks are not technically illegal.

Attorney Eric Kaardal, special counsel with the Thomas More Society, represents the Wisconsin Voter Alliance. He and the alliance are challenging the $8.8 million Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech, and Civic Life sent to local election managers in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and Kenosha last year.

Elections commissioners on Wednesday sided with a staff attorney who wrote, “the Commission finds that the complaint does not raise probable cause to believe that a violation of law or abuse of discretion has occurred.”

Kaardal says the Wisconsin Elections Commission did not clarify anything. He further stated Wisconsin believes what occurred is election bribery, and they think it is wrong. It is why the state has a law that says a person can’t take money to induce people to go to the polls.

“We just need to go to the circuit court judges and get them to agree that we can’t have elected officials in Wisconsin taking $8.8 million for increasing votes in their respective jurisdictions without legislative approval,” Kaardal explained to the Center Square.

I agree with the state of Wisconsin; people should not receive monetary or any other type of payment for going to the polls.

Kaardal and the Voter Alliance plan to go back before the Elections Commission to challenge the Zuckerbucks funding under Wisconsin’s election bribery law and file his election bribery challenge with the Elections Commission soon.

I think that the Zukerbucks were a bribe, but if it is not proven in a court of law that a crime was committed, unfortunately, Zuckerberg will get away with what he intended. I hope Kaardal and the Wisconsin Voter Alliance see the battle through and get a victory.

What are your thoughts on the case? We would like to hear your opinions.

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  1. Money always matters or it wouldn’t get spent!

    Example: Watch how soon a person screams when their Almighty money is blocked or taken away.


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