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Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied an emergency bid to block enforcement of New York’s coronavirus vaccine mandate for health care workers.

Twenty doctors and nurses filed the legal challenge and argued the state’s vaccine mandate violates the First Amendment to the Constitution because it fails to include a religious exemption.

The request for a temporary injunction had been presented to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, assigned to handle cases from New York. The court denied that request.

Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Samuel Alito said in the order that they would have granted the bid to block the mandate. It seems to me these are the only ones that remain true to their oaths.

Possibly, the other supreme court members are useless judges bought and paid for by the deep state.

Andrew Cuomo included a religious exemption, but his replacement, Kathy Hochul, cut the mandate after Cuomo resigned. She is clearly for the grants and believes those who refuse the vaccine are not listening to God.

Some believe she is using God unfairly to rule on the religious mandates.

“You know there are people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are.”-Gov. Kathy Hochul

Gorsuch, nominated to the high court by former President Donald Trump, wrote disdainfully of Hochul’s remarks at a Christian cultural center in Brooklyn in September.

The governor’s record “practically exudes suspicion of those who hold unpopular religious beliefs. That alone is sufficient to render the mandate unconstitutional as applied to these applicants.”-Justice Gorsuch.

He also faulted the mandate for allowing an exemption for medical reasons while prohibiting one on religious grounds and for failing to establish the necessity of its demands on workers.

“New York has presented nothing to suggest that accommodating the religious objectors before us would make a meaningful difference to the protection of public health,” Gorsuch wrote. “The State has not even tried.”

Some health care providers had opted not to enforce vaccine requirements for their workers, as they grapple with labor shortages that existed even before the Covid pandemic began.

I believe the employment shortages in any industry are the key to fighting the mandates. If an industry or business doesn’t have enough employees to fulfill their requirements, then perhaps they will see the mandates are not worth pushing if it means losing money in their businesses.

I welcome your thoughts on this issue.

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