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Chris Cuomo’s producer, John Griffin, 44, is accused of enticing minors into sexual activities. He was charged with three counts that he used a ‘facility of interstate commerce to abuse underage girls.’

One of the accusations is that he lured a mom and her nine-year-old daughter to his Vermont ski home to ‘train’ the minor to be sexually submissive, telling them a ‘woman is a woman regardless of her age.’

 He used messaging applications to persuade parents to let him teach their daughters how to be sexually submissive. Griffin paid $3,000.00 for flying a mother of nine and thirteen-year-old daughters to Boston for a training secession.

Also, one incident cites Griffin held a virtual session to teach a mother and her fourteen-year-old daughter how to touch each other. He will face a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in jail for each count.

A sex crime cannot be ‘rehabilitated from.’ It is not a disease. It should not be an acceptable, excusable, or allowable lifestyle. I will not apologize for standing against these monstrous predators who destroy children’s lives. Anyone who preys on others sexually should never see the outside of a prison again, ever.

My questions are, what kind of parents would allow their daughters to get involved with a predator? And will the parents who went along with this guy be charged with crimes? If not, they should be.

It is our job as parents to protect our children. I do not understand mothers who abuse their children or allow others to abuse them. God gave women a natural ability to nurture. I suppose some women are missing that in their DNA.

Please, stand in the gap for these abused children with your prayers.

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