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The Search for Truth: Part 14

BOOM! Micro Biologist Exposes the Great Lie

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Micro Biologist Gina Gold clears up some hidden facts about the ‘supposed vaccine,’ and what she has to say will shake you to the very core. Are those who took the Jab facing a 15% – 100% mortality rate, as several experts claim????? Are those who pushed the Jab on the people of the world facing prosecution via the Nuremberg Code?

This critical video is well worth the 10 minutes to watch.

Are you as angry as I was after watching this video? The people of the world have been played as fools, and far too many fell into the deadly trap.

Dr. Gold also spoke in-depth about the Nuremberg Code. There should be MILLIONS of people nervous about their part in this evil agenda to poison the world’s people no matter how small. You can read what this important treaty says in the attached PDF.

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The Nuremberg Code (1947)

My fellow Patriots, we are in a war of good vs. evil. Those knowing or unknowingly serving Satan have done their best to convince the people of the world their poison is a life-saving miracle. However, the truth always has a nasty way of coming out for all to see.

As you have seen in previous installments of this series, the fake pandemic had one goal and one goal only: to reduce the world’s population. Sadly, they have convinced millions of trusting people to inject a deadly poison into their bodies. These evil people are now pushing a potential FOURTH shot. I hate to think about the damage that is being done to a person’s DNA after each injection.

Tinfoil Hat time: What purpose would there be in altering someone’s DNA? We all know that our DNA is the building block of what makes us human. Our DNA is our direct link to GOD and his divine plan for us. What reason would Satan have to alter our DNA? Is it to destroy our link with GOD?

It makes you think, doesn’t it?

However, those serving Satan never counted on those of us who listened to that inner voice warning us of danger. We knew these evil people could not be trusted. We learned of their evil agenda against the people of the world through hours of research and sharing that information with our fellow Patriots. We refused to be another victim of their demonic agenda. We stood firm and said NO!

Now it’s up to us to warn those still believing the lies. Yes, we are attacked and called crazy, but I could not live with myself knowing I didn’t try to warn those still brainwashed and facing horrible danger.

Please share this video far and wide with EVERYONE you know. Knowledge is power against this evil agenda. We all must proudly wear the Armor of God in this war against Satan and his minions, my fellow Patriots. Together we are an unstoppable force for good.

Thank you for your support of this website, and may God Bless this world we call home and all its people.

Don't be censored

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